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Add a Google Adsense Ad to your ipage website

I made one mistake in this video and I have made a better updated video for you to watch. The mistake in this video was using the Text icon instead of clicking on the embed icon at weebly. Watch this video first, but make sure to watch the updated video also, it is better than this one.

this video is about adding your google adsense add to your personal website hosted by ipage i paid using Weebly so there you were at their at your google adsense page and you click on my ads right there highlighted in blue so this is the first step you’re good you go to google adsense first click on my ads up there at the top and blue then go down and click on new ad unit right below you see where the little hand is click on new ad unit and
this is the first step in put in getting the ad started first yet the name your ad I think you can name it just about anything you like I named my ad aetna website that’s where my ad will be located on the a website called Etna and then the next step is you go below there it says add size and you click on one of these sizes the ad will be come clicking on the last one over there the medium rectangle that’s the size of the ad it would be embedded
in your website so i just call you do is click on that very simple and then you go below the next step is ad type ad tight below there i’m just going with google’s recommendation here and this is the first time I’ve done this so I’m actually sharing this with you and I am learning as you are also learning this is by no means a video recommend recommend dating I’m I page I’m not here to recommend I page by any means but do i do have a website
hosted by ipage so we’ll do this together and after you’ve done that you go down and click Save and get code there at the bottom it’s a blue icon you click on there and up pops a new window and the way I did it I also the ads been successfully created by also I also saved it to my document you may not have to do this part I saved it as it but the main thing you have to click on that ad in the middle and you have to copy it copy it to your
computer that’s the main part this part i’m showing here is i saved it as a document you may like i said you may not have to do this but you do have to click on that code in the in the middle of the page there and save it or copy it to copy it to your computer that’s the most important part now you go to your website this is the website that i will be putting the add-on and like i said i’ll be using Weebly Weebly is the tool that I page let you
use to build your website and so we’re here at the edit the website and you go to the left there and you click on text through Weebly the Weebly thing you first of all you have to fight you have to scroll down or wherever you’re going to put the ad i’m going to put the ad right there right there above the love sculpture i’m going to put the add adsense there so i click on text and i move that over now if you’re not familiar with Weebly ripe age
you’re lost here so this this video is only for people who have I page and Weebly so then once you click that text over there now you click on click here to edit so you see there’s click here to edit i click on there now you right click you right-click your computer at this point and then you click on paste there it is taste click on paste now there’s your code it’s pop your google code is popped up it’s that simple now i just all you go over to
the right there and you hit publish and you publish and supposedly this is all done it’s pretty simple and there it is the I page at publishing like I said I am by no means recommend dating I’m not recommend dating a I page I’m not here to recommend them at all but this is the way we have to do it for now because I have my my website is hosted by ipage and there it is the websites published now what we’re going to do now is we’re going to go
check it and see what it looks like so now you go to you go to view site click on view site and we’re going to go down to where I inserted the inserted the ad and there is going to be the code you’ll see the code right there I guess it takes a couple days for google the Google system to recognize this so before an ad actually pops up you’re going to see this code here for a couple days and this is the first time I’ve done it if none of this works
for you I recommend that you call I page and till they will hold your hand and help you get it done if this was not helpful but hopefully this was helpful helpful in some way to you and if you just side dot here in America income taxes are killing Americans the whole system the whole America’s being drained by all the taxes and fees and fines and we here at European tribes at North America want to eliminate all income tax