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A2Hosting Swift Plan Review 2020 – Are Lite and Turbo Better Than A2Hosting Swift Plan?

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If you want to create a website using A2 Hosting Swift plan, then you probably want to know more in this A2 Hosting Swift Plan Review. In this video review, I go over features, pricing, uptime and what to expect with the A2 Hosting Swift hosting plan before getting started with it. Also, I highlight the benefits of using the Swift versus Lite and Turbo to create websites.

Although A2 Hosting is known primarily as the place for having turbo speeds, they also have very solid shared, WordPress, Reseller, and Dedicated hosting options.

A2 Hosting Swift is A2 Hosting’s most popular hosting plan for only $4.90/month on their platform that has many people jumping on board to try it out. It allows you to create unlimited websites for your business & is ideal for affiliate marketing, network marketing, and Amazon affiliates.

A2 Hosting is a great hosting provider and I think you will really love them. They have great 24/7 customer support and uptime.

**30 Day Money Back Guarantee**

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hey guys how are we doing today this is Wally with Lerner Netcom and in today’s a to hosting review we’re going to be focusing primarily on the Swift plan itself if you’re watching this video you’re probably curious about getting started with H of hosting Swift plan you probably want to move know more details about it how is it that you can create a website today using the Swift plan and so that’s what we’re going to go over today if you guys
are new to this channel here for learnin Netcom i want you to hit the subscribe button that’s right below along with the bail that way any future videos guys that I put up you’ll be sure to receive them so I’m going to be going over I’ll primarily the the the call sort of pricing free to hosting Swift plan I’m gonna briefly talk about the other two that they have for the shared hosting as well gonna go over a customer service obviously you want
to know about that how responsive and how good is the customer service and also that uptime and then I’m going to take you at the end to check out the cPanel to show you how is it that you can like add-on domains and things of that nature okay guys so first off a to hosting I’ve been with them for quite some time and I really really love their web hosting services across the bore they’re very affordable they have great customer service and really
great uptime and I’m going to talk about each one of these more in depth throughout this HOA hosting Swift farmer if you okay so I’m going to leave our something’s right below and I want you to use those links to get started with a two hosting today and that way you can get a fifty one percent discount on your a swift plan today alright so with our a to hosting of course they have different types of web hosting but for the purpose of this review
as I mentioned I just want to hone in on the Swift plan because I think that the Swift plan and turbo but the Swift plan in particular it’s really really ideal for people that are like affiliate marketers if you’re bloggers network marketer and you need to create unlimited websites the sweat plan is ideal for that hopefully if you’re watching this video for that purpose that’s exactly what you’re looking for if you’re not looking to create
unlimited web I just recommend going with the light playing guys it allows you to host one website you do get some unlimited features but the light plane is ideal for entrepreneurs that just need to create one website but again going back to the Swift plan itself I really really love this plan because it gives you unlimited everything you can create unlimited websites you get unlimited data bases and storage transfers of domains you get cPanel
which I’m going to talk to you guys a little bit a little bit later show you guys a little bit about that that way you can know you know how it works and how to create websites with it you get free SSL Certificates which is great hopefully you guys know by now that Google made an announcement last year in 2018 that the websites that don’t have them they’re gonna penalize you basically in a search engines you get lower rankings as well as a
labeling of unsecure of your website so a2 hosting understands that and they’ve already you know they’re already preparing you for that by giving you free SSL certificates for your domain so that’s another reason that I really really love a to hosting across the board guys the Swift plan itself is different from the turbo claming that you don’t get the turbo to Swift the turbo like speeds that you’ll get with the third tier up this one right here
has a twenty times faster speeds and sell but there’s a trick that you can do even with the Swift plan itself a specific plugin that I really really love that definitely promotes a really really fast piece I think across the board a two hosting is an extremely fast web hosting service with great page loads for the blogs that I have online but there’s some plugins that you can add on for your WordPress website that you can install in your cPanel
that I definitely help even more so ok guys so you get um there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee as I mentioned guys I’m gonna leave a link below that’s gonna give you 51% off of your web hosting itself as I mentioned before in the beginning of this a2 hosting Swift review guys I believe that if you’re a person that’s a network marketer an affiliate marketer or somebody who needs to create multiple websites maybe for your home-based business at
you in it really doesn’t matter what type of business that you’re in but if you’re in need of creating multiple websites the sweat plan is really ideal for that it’s very inexpensive very affordable for all pockets and that’s why I recommend getting started with the Swift plan itself page of hosting what I love about them is that they’re not EOG owned and I’m really proud to say that because you know a lot of EIG owned companies as you guys may
know like Bluehost Hostgator I page host monster just host I mean there are a lot of you know web hosting companies that are owned by EIG that don’t have that great of a reputation but hey – oh singh is different because they’re not owned by then they stand alone and that’s why i really love their web hosting services as well on this page right here guys you’ll see some other features that do come with it i’m not gonna go through all of them on
this review of a – hosting but just this just gives you an idea of all of the features that come with it and so if you guys are looking at like migrate your website over to a two hosting today perhaps you with one of the previous vig companies that i mention a day and maybe you’re sick and tired of them you don’t like you know the web hosting services a customer service is slow and they’re owned by EIG a2 hosting guys has a free site migration
service so if you want to migrate your your website over today you can do that by using the link below guys and take advantage of this free service itself i didn’t tell you guys that i wanted to show you what the cPanel looks like obviously when you get started you can click on the link that’s right below and it’ll bring you guys out to this page and once you do that and you use that link below you’re gonna select Swift if you decide to go with
the Swift plan what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna type in your your domain itself that you want to have so you’re typing your domain I prefer just going with dot-com shoot for the dot-com of your brand to see if it’s available hit the check button guys and then from there you’re just gonna proceed to you know the next page itself let’s do that together real quick to show you guys how this works okay so let’s say for example I’m gonna type in
I’m just gonna plug in a domain here that actually old and once you plug in a domain itself and you see that it’s actually available what you guys can do from there is just confirm that all these details are exactly what you want I recommend going with try to purchase up to a years of web hosting itself you will save with that I mean you can see like before the discount itself that we’re gonna be giving you guys I mean it’s 131 but you’re gonna
get it today your web hosting today with a swift plan for sixty four dollars sixty two cents so it’s an amazing savings guys that you’re gonna get with all of these unlimited features here you will see some other options that you can add on if you want to i mentioned that with a swift initially with a swift on plan itself it does not come with a twenty times faster servers but you can add it on if you want to it’s totally optional guys and so as
something you can do if you want to but if you don’t you can just leave it at default where it says none and a really good plugin that you can install on your WordPress website it’s like Lightspeed you can go into your cPanel itself once you create your website eighty-two hosting is actually gonna install it for you on WordPress so you don’t have to and also gonna do what’s called hardening which adds like a second layer of security to your
website once its installed so once it’s install itself you have your credentials and everything for cPanel where you guys can add all really cool cache or plugins or even like Lightspeed it’s one called Lightspeed in particular I really like and that one does help with speed itself and so that’s a little s one way that you can really get around that but anyway the board I really love eight to hosting and their web hosting itself you’re gonna it’s
gonna be pre-selected for us if you’re in the u.s. you have different data centers that you can select from is Asia Europe and the one in u.s. there’s one in Michigan and also Arizona so you can select between either one of these two that you prefer in the US if you’re located here as well so once you finish with that guys what you need to do is you simply hit continue and you’re pretty much out done you know from that point so that’s basically
how you get started or get signed up rather you know with a two hosting with a sweat plan itself now with the actual cPanel as I mention what you guys will see is that you have different options here for software some advanced tools you can like change like your theme and all of that if you look down here you have soft delicious and if I’m pronouncing that right nothing I always mispronounce that but anyway with that you’ll see that you’ll have
access to different CMS platforms you’ll see have WordPress I’ve been car PrestaShop Joomla which is for more advanced like developers that want to use that to create websites but I just recommend just using WordPress itself WordPress is extremely user friendly anybody can use it you can use this to add-on domains itself with a swift plan you know once you guys get started with them being that you’ll be to create unlimited websites using this
particular plan itself and once you do that it’s really really easy guys once you click on WordPress as we did on the previous page just click install right here and what you’re gonna do right here guys is you are going to select a domain that you want to install your uh your your your your WordPress website on so in this case you already have you know once you get started with a two hosting your primary domain a to the hosting is already gonna
install WordPress on it but if you want to add-on domains like additional domains I say you purchase like another domain somewhere else or even through eighty-two hosting what you’re gonna do is just select that domain itself that you want to install WordPress on and then from there you’re just gonna drop down and plug into the site’s name itself so let’s say like your site is you know X Y Z domain com you would type that in here and then a
tagline right below it create admin username a password itself that you’re gonna be using obviously for your cPanel and drop down I recommend just skipping this portion right here with themes because you can do that you know later on in the game when you actually get started you hit install with your email there and what what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna get an email showing that your WordPress website has been installed so it’s really easy to
do guys when you get started you know with a two hosting and just customizing and adding themes and things of that nature but that’s the cPanel itself what it looks like you know once you guys get started you know with them I really really highly recommend a to hosting for creating websites and really really fast customer service people are very courteous they always resolve your issues in a very timely manner the uptime is really great as well
never had any issues there so I highly recommend getting started with a two hosting if you’re thinking about the Swift plan and creating you know limited websites it’s a really good hosting plan guys to use today alright again the sweat plan is for affiliate marketers Network marketers developers people that want to create unlimited websites but if you don’t need to do that you just need one website and a swift plain is not for you the light be
better for you but either way whether you go with the light swear for either turbo plans itself I think you guys would be extremely happy with the web hosting services okay so I just wanted to give you guys a brief overview of what to expect waiting to host things uh web hosting our plans itself specifically there the sweat plan to get started today guys I did include a link right below that I gave you the fifty one percent off of your web
hosting today I want to thank you guys so much for watching this video if you haven’t done so already hit the subscribe button along with the bail that way any future videos guys that I put up you’ll be sure to receive them and also drop your comments below and tell me guys what you personally think about this a to hosting a review for the Swift hosting plan itself I hope you guys much success with your endeavors of creating your next website
online and email with your business with your a to hosting website thank you guys for watching I’ll see you on the next