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A2hosting Reviews 2017: Pros and Cons

A2hosting Reviews 2017: Pros and Cons-
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welcome to hosting reviews today we are going to talk about a two web hosting the star rating for a two hosting is shared 4.7 VPS 4.6 and dedicated 4.5 8 to hosting uses solid-state drives SSD provides super fast speed to the website as all the read and write operations are done in the chips SSD are very useful in providing fast speed to the website by keeping the uptime responsive a2 hosting concentrates on cloud hosting solutions ie focuses
on the security and proper control over the data these two aspects are very important in order to manage a proper website it works in providing these two aspects and customers do not have to worry about the security or their control on any specific data a2 hosting ensures the prevention against the unresponsive pages let’s see the pros and cons of fat code hosting pros of a2 hosting our money-back guarantee within 30 days if you are not satisfied
by the services of a2h then they assure you save money back software are just one click away the average load time calculated for the websites is 1.9 seconds customer support via live chat or phone calls 24/7 you can create unlimited accounts on a2h you can choose a server of your own choice cons of fat code hosting are major languages such as Perl java ms SQL HTML duck is not being supported by a2h these languages hold great importance today
these hosting plans are only available for linux you may not find a single plan for windows and more than a half Jenner is a Windows user having two data centers makes it difficult to choose for the people who are not living nearby thank you for watching please like our video and subscribe us