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A2Hosting Review| Best Fastest WebHosting

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A2 Hosting supports the environment, so you can feel good about choosing them as a web host.

If caring for the environment is something you’re passionate about, you can save the planet just by having an A2 Hosting account.
Initially A2 Hosting posted strong uptime. Unfortunately, they’ve started slipping the past few months. Now, their ten-month uptime comes out to 99.91%, well below the industry average we’ve seen.

goodbye gemma is using the SSD solid state drive and this allowed their server to perform a much faster speed from the share hosting specification page we can see there’s a tree hosting print provided the basic plane start from $3 92 cents and why this plan is a far better because they have a complete SSD solution for your files operating system in database this is a complete server performance boosting and it allows your website to perform at
a much faster speed you can click on this link and it will do a competition comparison for example a toasting can load the page of a PrestaShop ecommerce site in 1.9 second whilst other hosting service for the DreamHost in 2 pi 7 second Bluehost in 4.7 seconds GoDaddy’s even worse at 5.2 second and Hostgator recorded at nine point one second so this mean the solid-state drive is doing a great job and it really improves the site performance if you
are doing a business site hosting you need the maximum performance for your share hosting you can consider this double print cost it the cost is a nine dollar thirty one cent and it has 20 times faster page loading this is a guarantee the there’s a few world user per server meaning there’s a less account and less website the server is off load and you will have enhanced performance in Apache platforms so meaning the hundreds of face optimized and
there’s a few fewer user servers Schiffman and turbo plain they are now unlimited domains hosting this means you can have multiple website hosted in here the dome database is a limiter as well and this allows you to host multiple block ecommerce forums etc virtual memory is increased to 8 GB so this one will be the SSD the more is the vector and the turbo plan with 8gb of virtual memory will definitely increase your site performance so if you are
signing up with them you can use the coupon code provided and the site here you will be giving you 51% in discounts they have a server in multiple location there’s a one in USA another in Europe Amsterdam and the third one in Asia located in Singapore so there’s a lot of free migrations of these free site backup faster server optimize security any time money-back guarantees and they are using a green hosting service which means there’s zero
pollutions and there is a cloud Linux OS platform so meaning their share hosting services is running on cloud platform and this will increase the server reliability and reduce the service downtime and so on they allow 99.9% uptime guarantees and with you uh your website is falling shot you can claim this back and they will credit into your account for database they have a limited database and is running the latest version of my SQL and PostgreSQL
Apache server is the latest platform two-four emails you have a limited email account and the cPanel is included free later on we take a look at the C panels and a hosting account with them so let’s take a look at here this is our C panels a comment page after we need to login using our domain name slash C panels is using a default simple themes so the top section is the promotion you can get free bins and Yahoo credits high contacts free email
services and beaver ties to $20 you can change for a compass for everything from here most importantly they are using the soft oculus application installer a2 hosting is not using simple strips or fantastical they’re using Softaculous in comparison these installer tools is a much faster and they are more stable there’s less error I have been using this for quite some time a few trials and installation is a very good and error-free for example you
can click on the WordPress and you can proceed with the installation the information provider is a sufficient if you a demo of the scripts WordPress and how it will look like in real life there’s actually a juror page you can take a preview so this is the extra benefit that you can found in Softaculous and not in available in other Installer tools if you need a quick preview of the script you can click on the screenshot and it will allow you to
take a preview of the main page and main sections and dashboard of the WordPress blog so this will give you a very good picture at the left side there’s lots of categories from you to choose from this block CMS forums wiki image scarily social networking ecommerce educational videos sound management musics and so on you can choose any scripts that you prefer installed here for example the forum section you can have a PHP BB SMF vanilla pond BB BB
press mini baby and a lots more all these are the free scripts and you can install into your domains to start the installation process you only need to click on the install button and proceed with the simple Q&A and you can complete it in to your destination directory so back to it to web hosting official website the share hosting services is a very good budget and show you if the most superior performance and if you need more performance and
share hosting services for example VPS plans they have both Venetian and unmanaged with PS plane and right now the price is available if 34 percent in discount the basic plan is a starting for $32.99 and this plan come with 4gb of RAM this is very sufficient in feature wise we can see using the solid state drive free to dedicated IP address and double VPS boosting so this mean by default you will be 20 times faster than others per site if you are
going to host it in worldwide location you can choose for me USA in Europe or Asia there’s a lot of on features including the credit card merchant accounts also provided in here you can add PrestaShop one click setup affordable ssl certificate etc for hosting services they added this feature in this year 2015 and the price start from as low as $15 man only cloud hosting is a very reliable and they have shift server hosting platform which
guaranteed most optimized server hardware software configurations they are using the ddr3 memory this one is not using the semester graph twisting on on this for reseller hosting they have been promoting this Rossella services since you 207 and the pleasure remain quite similar and this is a design for people who want to resell the a2 hosting services make some profit from them for example they allow the clients account to be created in numbers
they giving you a hundred 30 GB of storage space for example you can allocate 10 GB for each of your customer and that means you can create 13 hosting account from here for dedicated server they have a unmanaged and managed plane as well the price is 17 percent off so if you are looking for a to hosting demo site you can visit my website unlimited web host and here this demo site is hosted with a to share web hosting services we using our own
account and we serve what press block adhere so this one will be the exercise hostel if then if you need to perform a speed test on the web site you can use this unlimited web host and and I would recommend using the Pingdom website speed test type in the website and click on the test and you will get the result so for my current testing is showing the performance great of 80 percent out of 100 the web site is faster than 50% of all tested web
sites which mean the size loading a very good speed for previous speed test I have a patient and shows the result from Kingdom and Google PageSpeed and for website uptime if you want to know as the a2 hosting uptime looks like this is the page for you