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A2Hosting Review 2019 – Why It’s My Go-To Web Hosting, Pros/Cons, Alternatives, Honest Opinion

A2Hosting (My Go-To Hosting Recommendation) ⇨⇨⇨


I did A2Hosting review to share my personal experience with it and my honest opinion why A2 Hosting is slightly ahead of other web hostings.

From this video you’ll discover why it’s my go-to website/wordpress hosting, why I use it for a while. And also you’ll see a short website hosting tutorial on my real account (I have 4 different ones): I show how simple it is to install optimized WP on A2Hosting.

A2Hosting review 2019 is also available in written form on our website

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hi guys from a bazaar in here in today’s video I’m going to view a to hosting awesome web hosting from my standpoint and I will share my personal experience with it and my honest opinion why exactly a to hosting is slightly had other web postings out there the rest on of web hosting options yes you know that and I’ve tried them all and you know what a to hosting quickly became one of my stables I host the majority of my web site there and
everybody who recommend this whole thing was incredibly satisfied in this video I’ll explain in details why that happened I would like to share what exactly I use why I use it and what is my take on it only the stuff that I’ve personally tried and used for a while so you can easily go ahead grab link in description below and try it for yourself so why I use it before 8 hosting I’ve tried numerous hosting providers but nothing seems to fit and
number one purpose every online entrepreneur get a website up and running correctly and securely within minutes that’s what eight hosting fulfils extremely well I just love their a to optimized WordPress solution I use it in a large number of websites it’s really convenient to bootstrap WordPress solution securely and fast enough not to bother without any extent any other extensions you just need to connect your domain then one click to install
WordPress and you are done let me show you over the shoulder look on how exactly you can just model what I just told you so we are in my personal cabinets then I go cPanel click login here actually cPanel is quite popular among web hosting providers many of them use this cPanel as admin templates but every hosting provider just give you own twist on this admin panel so it is a2 hosting version of cPanel so in scripts we are looking for WordPress
80 optimized we go there and then install here I choose protocol as a cell and in this drop-down I choose that domains that they would like to install WordPress here is a blank this should be your site name description desired a user name and password and admin email and just install how quickly is that it is super quick it’s awesome and I honestly believe that this fastest that it could be what will happen when you choose to install a to
optimized as stated in this article 8 optimized includes following features page caching database caching magnification recapture login page will be not on WP admin image compression zetz all working pretty damn good so I honestly advise you not to bother with own take on WordPress installation just go ahead with a to optimize it is that good enough so I would like also to show you support tab and tickets as you may see only six tickets so far
and all of them are closed and that that sad vault is quite responsive I haven’t experienced any case when support can help and honestly six tickets for such a long period of time that I use this hosting is quite small amount of tickets do you agree and as official I would like to mention for you is when you install WordPress a to optimize you have free as a self certificate and it’s quite rare to have combination of freestyle and prayer
optimized one-click WordPress installation it’s just rare to fight trust me and I really like this combination because you may be aware of such Google ranks websites that are HTTPS a little bit higher than others if any anything else is quite similar so I think that it is a nice point to have and I use it in every installation so I generally recommend to use this option let’s talk briefly about downsides and worse to be aware of I personally
don’t have any issues with this posting provider whatsoever the only thing that I can mention if you have a really large online business you’d better look at another solution called WP engine here it is in the tab solution we have agency Enterprise small medium businesses it’s I can explain this as more of like enterprise level of hosting provider and if you have such big online business you definitely should look more deeper in WP engine because
it’s specifically designed for this purpose regarding small medium business I found that price point of WP engine comparing to a two hosting or other competitors is slightly overpriced but I think that they are enterprise-level solutions is quite good in price and so you definitely should check them out also if we touch a theme of stroke thunders or a2 hosting s imagine WP engine we can talk about another top-notch solution Bluehost it is market
leader and it was market leader like a long time and I also use blue house or diversification of placement of my digital s and moreover it is official commanded by war itself as it stated here so it’s quite nice to have such like official version but comparing Bluehost in a 2000 I think a2 hosting is slightly better in terms of very defiant solutions does it give you up and running solution in the minute it’s fast its atomized I really like so my
final thoughts about eight hosting and this particular review I hope the two of you gave you an idea of what hosting provider is exactly worth trying don’t hesitate to take the first steps towards building your online presence through it just give you own test test when you proceed by a link in the description below I will put link on a to hosting on WP engine and also Bluehost so you can go ahead click them and check them out when you click it
hosting in particular you can go to shared hosting you see my special discount then save now this kind of comparison choose what is actual for you and just get the particular hosting plan and get started to build or extend your online business and digital presence hope you really liked this review smash that like button subscribe to the channel because I plan to do much much more of that useful over-the-shoulder reviews explaining my personal
experience with either digital apps or tools or online courses hope you excited well from Amazon what there see you next time