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A2 Hosting Review: Does A2Hosting Really Have A Hidden Super Power? [I’ve used it for 2 Years]

I’ve been with A2 hosting since 2017, and after 2 years of using their service, I want to share with you my A2 hosting review about my whole experience with A2 hosting.

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/——— A2Hosting Quick Summery ———/
A2 Hosting, A2hosting, or A2 Web Hosting was founded by Bryan Muthig and is known for its high powered and easy-to-use web hosting.

Their turbo servers promise up to 20X faster page loads compared to standard hosting. A2’s core goal is to create and maintain such a good web hosting company that the staff wants to use it themselves. On top of all,  offers free solid-state drives (SSD), unlimited data storage and transfer, free site migration plus loads more.

A2 Hosting’s cheapest web hosting plan is  3.92 per month (You can get the lowest price through the yellowed button. It will be $2.96 per month for the cheapest plan). They offer a full refund within 30-days or a prorated refund for your unused service after 30-days.


A2 Hosting is a web hosting company founded by Bryan Muthig in 2001 under the original name of Iniquinet.

It was originally designed to handle a small number of clients. However, by 2003, the company had gained a lot more clients than anticipated.

The name was changed to A2 Hosting, named after Ann Arbor, Michigan, the town where it all began. The company continued to grow rapidly.


A2 Hosting’s core goal is to create and maintain such a good web hosting company that the staff want to use themselves.

These are the four main aspects they focus on: lightning-fast loading times, the best developer tools, 99.9% uptime, and a first-class, dedicated guru support team available 24/7/365.

/——— How to start a website with a2hosting ———/
You need to follow these 4 simple steps:
1 – Click on any yellow button on my page (link above) and get the plan you want (If this is your first time with getting a hosting, get a shared plan Swift or Turbo)
2 – Add your domain name through your cPanel (Just go to cPanel and search for “domains” and then click on it and type your domain there.
3 – Install your WordPress (Tell support or install it via 1 click install program in the cPanel).
4 – (If you purchased your domain out of your hosting) Go to your domain manager -) DNS Manager -) and then update your nameservers with thehosting’s nameservers (Ask support to provide you with the nameservers).

/——— What is inside my A2 hosting review video above ———/
First I’ve showed you my account with A2 hosting.
Then A quick summery of A2hosting.
Then I’ve talked about my bonuses that you can get for free with your purchase of A2 hosting.
Also I’ve showed the proofs of my academy earnings.
At the end, I’ve shared with you A2 hosting reviews by trustpilot hostadvice.

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after two years of using a toasting is it really worth it or do they you really have had in superpower you’re going to discover all of that and more and this a to hosting review so let’s dive into it hi and welcome to my a to Austin review this is tough get said and in this video I’m going to show you my experience with a toasting for two years I was with them almost for two years and you can see here inside my account I’ve just started with
that super web hosting plan so you can see here my plan is about to finish here right so I want to share with you my experience with eight hosting and just to give you a quick summary here for eight hosting they have SSD drive for their drives and they have WordPress optimized speed speed optimized water press and free and easy side integrations of which will have a an old website and you want to migrate to a toasting they have the support will
do that for you and for the uptime 99.9% for the uptime and they have really nice support here also you get with any plan that you have that you want to purchase with the eight hosting you’ll get a free SSL certificate and here you can see free automatic backups so this is an overview of a toasting before we go and dive into a toasting and share with you my experience if you go to the link down this video you’re going to see my review page here
so if you scroll down you can get just to mention you can get the latest discount from the yellow button from any yellow button and this page if you if you scroll down to the bottom you can see here yes here so if you want to purchase through my link as I am an affiliate and I will get some commissions for that I want I want to give you access to my click sale Bank Academy which I’m currently selling for $157 there are everyday almost every two
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sales page with for a Clickbank Academy you can see I’ve earned almost four thousand three hundred dollars and commissions with this system so you can earn just like that and if I scroll down you can see here let’s see see the proofs this is the actual sales page four eight four six I’ll Bank Academy you can see that I’ve started with almost a one cell per day and then I was able to scale up the method to more sales per day and then I was able to
earn a lot of money using the method and you can see here I was able to make more money with that method you can see here in this day $113 for just one day and then you can see here i was able to still earning from that system until one day you can see i was able to earn two hundred twenty seven dollars in just one decay and the earnings still going to my account with the clickbank you’re going to learn about that inside my academy step-by-step
and here here are the company that I’m making money wave which is Clickbank which is a company for affiliate programs and stuff like that you can promote any product from any niche and here you can see four thousand three hundred five dollars and commissions can see all the sales that I was getting here so you can learn a lot of stuff here and this is my big bonus and you can see the other bonuses here there are really amazing bonuses they will
help you with my Academy so for example you’re going to use ads with that you can get $200 and free credits as a quick start for you as a good start for you because I believe that you you’re going to you want to make money with your website right so I want to help you with that with my bonus is here so even if you will get all just the Academy maybe you don’t have enough money so you can get the first bonus to this bonus the first bonus to help
you get some credits and run some ads here a height okay so you get $200 and free credits with my first bonus so you’ll be able to run ads without spending almost nothing so this is just to help you to start earning money from your website because when I was at the beginning of the game and the website and all stuff like that and at that time I had no plan to earn from my website so it was losing some money some money to to test here and there
and just like that so what they what these bonuses I can see that you can start earning money with your website even if you don’t have any plan right now you’re going to learn every step that you need to make just like these earnings here so this is my bonuses that I’m going to give you if you decide to purchase through my link there are just some instructions to follow here need to follow these instructions to ensure that you you’ll get my
bonuses okay and this bone and these bonuses are available for almost 100 people right now so let’s get back to eight hosting and see if this company 8 was thing so first of all I would like to say for you that at the beginning you just need the Sherrod hosting plans so choose one a plan from the Charlotte hosting you don’t need any of other plans here even with the WordPress hosting you just need the char plan you can register with the Charlotte
the plan and you can install WordPress on that plan it doesn’t matter if you choose the water price hosting or Sherrod hosting it almost at these two types are the same so just click on the chard plans and you will see the price the prices here so I will discuss about the price prices here which plan to choose later in this video but here you can see the features for each plan so for the first plan for the light plan you’ll get one website you
can host just one website with this plan and you will get unlimited SSD storage and transfer which is really amazing for for it was think what a testing they have hosted their their drivers on SSDs drivers which is really essential for you to get a really high speed whether you’re hosting I can say I can see that another big camp big hosting providers they are not providing you with SSD storage and this is very essential for you and you’ll get a
25 emails account this account it not just like a Gmail or Yahoo or like these providers you will get at you will be able to create your own email by you using your own domain domain name so for example like this your and you’ll be able to create email accounts for this ad here and for example your name is david so you’ll be able to create this professional email account up to 25 email accounts with this plan okay so this is the email
account that is here and then you’ll get free and easy citing durations of you have a previous website then you’ll be able to migrate your website to your hosting for free the support will emigrate the hosting from the previous hosting to their hosting and also and also you’ll have easy cPanel control panel which is the most common control panel for almost every hosting and this panel is really easy to use you just by a few clicks you can create
your domain add your domain create a data base and also create WordPress website it’s very easy and then you will get free SSL certificate this SSL if you see here you can see for example on this website or on my website you can see that we have we all have this little lock here icon so this means that you have security level for you for your website for this website you can see the s here without the SSL certificate you will not be able to get
this as here and your website will not be sacral okay so you’ll get free SSL security certificate for your website and don’t worry about setting up this SSL certificate they will set up that for you automatically so you don’t need to do anything just need to add your domain and your domain will be a sacred with this SSL certificate which is really amazing and we have here anytime money-back guarantee so you can see here the key featured the same
almost the same you can see here what’s a one-click software setup so you can install your WordPress what you just want to click and free CloudFlare CDN which is this is essential for you to speed up your website and you can see all the features here really amazing features here you can see the the metal plan you can get the same features but beside that you’ll get that growth features 2x more resources and unlimited website so here you can host
more than one website if you want to ask 500 websites or 10 whatever you can host the number that you want and here you can see unlimited databases and unlimited email accounts which is important for you if you want to use more than 25 email accounts and here you can see the performance plus traffic spikes spike protection option so this will help you to to speed up your website and add another layer for your traffic to filter the spam traffic
which is really amazing here and here free server rewind data backup protection so here you can see you’ll get free automatic backups for me when I was registering with the 8 was think they were they was having paid automatic backups almost I think five dollars per 1 gigabyte so now they made that for free which is really amazing and I can say in the past I didn’t like that that they made the automatic backups for they need to pay for that so the
other hosting companies they was having that for free and this eight hosting they was having that for money you need to pay money for that so now they have added that for you so you do not need to pay for automatic backups and you know the importance of backups so here you can see the third the plan which is that the plan that I have registered with you you will get access to that to that turbo features so you can see here you will get a two side
accelerator and up to 2x faster versus competing hosts okay with this plan after two years of using eight hosting I can say that this is the hidden superpower for a2 hosting so you you can see here that you get to 20 times more speed for your websites all your websites will be faster than the average hosting here then the this plan or this plan or any other hosting companies so I can say that this is at the head in super power for eight hosting
after using it and you can see here two bar features other features here word WordPress Lightspeed cache so this will so this feature here will speed up your website by using Lightspeed cash for your website and you don’t need to set up anything here this is built in and this plan okay and also for this plan you will see a lot of information about the cash memcached turbo cash and a PC or P cash all of that will help you to speed up your website
and also get more resources per user so you can get more traffic with this plan so these are the plans that you can start with a toasting what I recommend for you is to start with either the Swift plan or that you pro plan and when I when I purchased start with the a toasting they was having not like this discount here the this discount is really amazing I’ve registered with a toasting with 51 percent discount at that time but now we can get less
than that I have added the discount I think in my page here if you see here the yellow button you can see sixty-three percent discount and also you get all my bonuses but for the price here you’ll get this discount and I will make sure to every time I see an update to the discount here I will update that on my page so you can ensure that you’ll get the latest discount in my page and for me I think I’ve registered with the triple plan for a nine
dollar 0.31 since I think like that per month so if you want for you for me I have registered with two years to get the most from the discount and for you if you don’t have much money than register what either the Swift plan or the super plan for at least one year this will help you to take at the benefit of the discount and even more you can take the benefit of the whole discount here by just starting for two years or three years because after
that after the two years or after the three years you’ll have to pay that price without that discount okay so my advice for you is to just start with the highest period that you can afford okay so this is my review for a toastie and the last thing here you can see here in a host advice or trust palette you can see the reviews for or eight hosting gala you can see here over 1,000 positive review for a tossing because it’s really worth it our good
a really good hosting and you can see here order or the reviews for each feature for the pricing user-friendly and here you can read more about the reviews for me I’ve registered with the eight hosting by knowing just that the plans here I was comparing the plans here with the other companies and I see that it was saying it the best choice for me so that’s why I’ve registered with eight hosting and here also with the trust ballot you can see four
stars they have their cut four stars here the only thing that I didn’t like what the eight hosting if that their chat at peak times you need to wait for ten minutes or for fifteen minutes to get your answer for your questions this is something that I didn’t like what the eight hosting but they have really amazing service for the service so this is my review for a toasting and remember always that you can visit my page here if you want to get my
bonuses then go through this link down below you can see here here this link here if you want to get my bonuses before you go here make sure to read and simple instructions here to be able to get my bonuses and you can see after the last thing that you need to do is to fill this on just open this in a new page and you’ll see the form here just to write your information about the course just like that just follow the steps and you’ll be fine and
you’ll get access to the to the click seal Bank Academy with all the bonuses that I’ve mentioned in this page here just you need to type your email address set user name for your Academy and password and here choose your hosting which is here hosting and type your domain name here okay and then click on submit and I will happy to add you to my click sale Bank Academy so this is my eight hosting review hope you like it if you liked it make sure to
click on this like button here because I really appreciate that from you and I forgot to show you how to register what a toasting don’t worry I have another video for that so if you want to know about how to register your hosting with a toasting that make sure to click on this video right here okay thank you for watching this video see you on the next one