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A2 Hosting Review 2022: How To Make A WordPress Website [ Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners]

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If you want to know how to create a WordPress website, then this A2 Hosting review is just what you need to learn step-by step with their web hosting service.

I really love A2 Hosting being they have awesome customer support, security, uptime server performance and cheap prices for beginners.

In this A2 Hosting WordPress tutorial video, I’m going to provide an HONEST A2 Hosting review where I will show you how to pick a domain name, best web hosting plan to get started for your needs.

Step 1. Sign up for the best A2 Hosting plan for the value
Step 2. Install WordPress and start make a WordPress blog
Step 3. Install a theme & plugins

If you have ANY questions or need help, leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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A2 Hosting review –

hey guys how we doing today this is Wally and in today’s a video tutorial I wanted to show you step-by-step how to create a WordPress website for 2020 going forward if you guys I’ve ever wanted to learn how to create a wordpress blog or maybe a website or e-commerce store to represent your storefront this tutorial to show you step-by-step how to do that in this video I’m going to show you how to select a domain I’m gonna go over briefly the
web hosting plans and packages at 8 to Kosan offers and that will give you to select one that would be ideal for your needs itself from that point we’re gonna install WordPress on the domain itself and once the website is actually live we’re gonna start to customize it by selecting a theme and going forward so if you guys are ready to get started with this WordPress tutorial we’re gonna kick things off to a really good start but if you guys are
new here to this channel hit the subscribe button right below along with the bail and that way any future videos got to put up you guys will be sure to receive them so I’m guessing that you are watch anything to host a wordpress tutorial because you want to create a WordPress website to do that you’re gonna need two things off back one is a domain name what you’re gonna call your website online and two you need web hosting I’m assuming that you
already have web hosting if you don’t have a web hosting plan through 8 to host n take advantage of the links that are right below they’ll give you 66% off of your web hosting today they are affiliate links but by using them you do get to 66% discount off of your web hosting today and they also allow me to continue to create free wordpress tutorials like this one that you guys are watching today so I really appreciate your support on this youtube
channel by using those links right below gasp and that way we can continue to put up resourceful videos that you guys will enjoy so once you click on that link it’ll bring you to this very page right here for 8 to host em and you’ll notice that they have a really great sale that’s going on right now I really love a to hosting the time that I’ve been dealing with them they have really really great service is very knowledgeable about knowing about
WordPress and resolving issues they’re really great uptime performance which is a really great factor with your website ranking you know online of course depending on the website that you guys are you know wanting to create with WordPress you obviously want your potential clients and customers have you define you in the search engines and so having a web hosting provider with great uptime just makes us sense and that’s why I recommend into
hosting to you guys another reason why I love ie to Olson is that they have very inexpensive web hosting plans itself which are really ideal for any beginner of any background wants to get started from scratch online and so use those links below and that way you guys can get started with your which a web hosting on today it’s okay what you’re gonna do right now is click on shared hosting and what we’re gonna do is I’m just gonna go over briefly
what a to hosting offers so you notice here that there four plans that you can select from there’s a startup drive turbo boost and maths the startup plan will allow you guys to create one website online whereas if you want to create unlimited websites online for probably affiliate marketing or network marketing then I recommend that you look at the drive and even the turbo tiers itself as these will allow you to create unlimited websites online
the real difference between these three right here are the additional resources that are added to it and as you bump up a tier you’ll have faster performance and faster speeds in page loads and so just think about your personal situation guys what I recommend with web hosting across the board with a two hosting or any web hosting provider is to buy more web hosting up front typically with most web hosting providers you can purchase 12 months 24
months or even 36 months if you have like a short term project itself twelve months might be ideal for you but if you’re in this for the long haul for your business and I recommend going with 24 even 36 months as the more web hosting that you purchase the more money you’ll save both on the front and back in keep in mind that the promo rates that you are gaining access to the 66% off on the startup the 58 on the drive and the 50 on turbo boost and
the 40% off on the max these are limited time sensitive you know prices itself so it won’t last a very long time and for that reason I recommend you guys to take advantage of them today using the links below so once you determine which of these four plans would be most ideally for your business itself just hit the get to get startup button itself or get drive or the other two right here depending on what you want to get started with and what you
do that guys on the very next page you’re just going to be prompted to enter in a you’re gonna be filling out here your account information with your name your payment info and that way you can pay for your web hosting itself you can also select a domain name which would be what you’re gonna call your website online so if you need a few moments to think about that you can always pause this video and of course I’ll be right here and that way you
guys can have in mind ahead what you’re gonna call your website when it comes to domain names guys I recommend that you select a domain name that’s easy to remember I want to tell you guys boy I would encourage you to avoid domain names that have dashes or just difficult to remember you know of course when your visitors find you online you want them to have a domain name that’s easy to remember for them and if you can shoot for calm as their most
popular but if you can’t find a dot-com try to shoot for or even as those are also popular top-level domains to create websites with alright graph so once you do that and you finish choosing your domain name itself and a web hosting package that you want to use today you know for your account 8:2 hosting is going to send you an email you want to click on that email is gonna have some credentials on the inside that allow you guys to
actually create your website by logging into what we call cPanel and so I want to take you guys over to cPanel right now because I’m already logged in and this is what it looks like you’ll see different subsections of it where you have access to different resources for SEO to get indexed fast and the search engines you can add-on domains to redirect set up unlimited email accounts you can see how many visitors are coming to your website where
they’re coming from the countries what people are typing in and make it to your website how much space dis space you’re actually using on your website I mean there are lots of things that you guys can do with the cPanel itself I’m gonna show you guys how it works here so once you’ve created your account if you’re logged in still what you probably are if you are finishing up with the account setup process you chosen is going to automatically have
your log in you’re gonna click on your cPanel and it will bring you right here to this very page itself and if you have an issues gaining access to your cPanel just drop a comment right below guys not be more than happy to assist you with that basically it’s just gonna be your domain name itself follow followed by cPanel so if you have a website like my case it’s how to start a blog guide calm for a /c pal you think about your domain itself that
you that you purchased a day or that you got through a two hosting and you’re gonna put for a slash cPanel you’re gonna plug in your ETA hosting is gonna give you a temporary admin and also a user excuse me a temporary temporary password both of which you’re gonna use to be able to login to the cPanel that you’re seeing right here and again if you guys have any questions at all about this then be sure to drop a comment below and I’ll be more than
happy to assess you with this so the very next step in the game guys is to install WordPress on your domain itself to do that you’re gonna click on a to optimize the button that I just clicked on and right here you have two options that you can select from this quick install custom install both of which do the same thing you want to select the domain name itself that you want to install WordPress on on the drop down right here I’m just gonna type
in the actual website name itself right here I’m going to type in a tagline which is a description of the website itself and so depending on your domain name itself that you’re setting up you’re gonna just type in a brief description that describes what your website is about that when you visit visitors land on your page itself they’ll be able to know what your website is all about does that make sense so that’s what the site description is and
that’s something that you could change it anytime that you want and I’ll show you guys how to do that so this is the admin username for your website specifically and this is what you’re going to use to actually log into your website itself then I want you to create a password make it extremely difficult at least nine characters I would say try to include some symbols numbers in there that way you are able to log in to it and no hackers or
spammers have you gain access to your website itself you’re gonna type in an admin email this is the email that in the event you get locked out of your website itself you need to reset it like reset the password with WordPress they’ll send you an email to this email that you have on file and also when they’re updates with WordPress any communications from the software itself you get it to this email itself so guys you want to make sure that
whatever email that you put in there whether it’s a business email or a personal email that it’s one that is active that you actually check and you have access to all right the very next top portion right here is site language so if you speak English and prefer English you can leave it by default there but then you have other selections Chinese Spanish Japanese and some other big languages that are there you can select any one of them and that’s
the language that your website will appear the very next thing that you want to do is plug in your email again because now what you’re gonna do is install WordPress on the domain itself and now when it when it comes to installing WordPress in the case where they to host them what I like is that they do what’s called hardening for WordPress and it just basically adds an additional layer of a security or protection to your website if you will that
we can block from like hackers and people that are trying to you know take over your website so that’s what I really love about itto Hostin not only the pricing it’s very cheap a really great customer support but they really care about security and protection of websites and so typically when you’re installing WordPress on a domain it may take a few minutes to do it as you can see on the bottom it says three to four minutes and basically it’s
just installing WordPress on a domain itself if you guys want you can grab a training maybe some water some coffee tea glass of wine whatever a beer those are gonna be here for quite some time with this process of creating your WordPress website so I’m gonna give that a few moments guys and as you can see we’re almost there and what I’m gonna do right now is just pause the video and I’ll come back when it’s done I agree guys so the installation
of WordPress has just finished this is a page that you’ll get any time you install WordPress on a new domain itself so as you can see right here says congratulations the software was installed successfully and you can see this is your domain name in my case I’m using seven five seven gem calm and what we’re gonna do is just click on it if you want to see what it looks like and of course on the very bottom you can share this on like Twitter if you
can you know just grab the link that’s right here and you share it online if you want to but of course your website itself hasn’t been customized but it is live on the internet if you want to see what it looks like you can just click this link right here and what up so great that you guys give yourselves a pat on the back you’ve created successfully a wordpress website using a to hosting so if you guys I like what you’ve done so far and you feel
you know happy what you’ve done just drop a comment right below and again hit the like button I really your feedback on this WordPress tutorial taking you guys step-by-step through this process of learning how to make a wordpress I website so this is your website itself something that we’re gonna need to do is obviously select a theme this theme by default is already pre-installed for WordPress itself but I’m going to show you guys where you can
get other WordPress themes that are better suit your needs itself so what we’re gonna do is just go back the website is live on the internet people can see it and visit it but of course there’s no content or anything like that you don’t want it so the next thing that we want to do is we want to just click on the second administrative link that pops up right there at the WordPress installation and when you do guys it’s just gonna bring you to the
back office of your website this is where the work actually starts these are some sidebars these are updates like the WordPress itself every so often WordPress will update their software itself and so you’ll see it right here and you you can just simply just click on any updates that may come you know right here so there’s one right here and I’ll update a little bit later on jetpack has a really nice plugin that’s like pre-installed and I’ll tell
you guys more about plugins and how to get ones that’ll help you to have more functionality with your website itself jetpack helps you to monitor visitors that come to your website this is a post tab right here where you can create post itself you can click on all posts right there and you can see all of the posts that you have you know right now of course this is a brand spanking new WordPress blog and there no post here except the main one
that’s right there you can add new posts you can add categories and tags one of the first things guys that I wanted to share with you with creating a website there’s some basic maintenance that I think we should do first the very first thing that I want you to do is we’re gonna be looking at our settings go to settings so the very on the far left going down settings and go up to what’s called permalinks now permalinks guys are basically better
yeah let me show you what it is and we’re going to come back to that what we want to do is want to make sure that our website is easy to crawl and it has it’s very user-friendly you know for people that are making it to your website itself when you go to your website itself this right here would be an example of a permalink itself your website itself is seven five seven Jim calm 4/20 24/2 or five four slash zero six four slash hello all of this
that follows the actual domain name itself is what’s called a permalink now obviously it’s very messy it’s very long and it’s not easy at all to remember so what I recommend that you guys do is just put on the settings go to permalinks right there guys and what you want to do in this case is you can see us are is set on date and name but you want to go to a post name itself when you do that and you click on OK what you’re gonna see right now is
what we’re gonna do is once we save it great so it’s saved now if you go back to your website itself and I just open up a new page itself better don’t post me and versus having that long URL as we had before you’re just gonna have a shorter permalink that’s gonna appear right there the next thing that I want you guys to do is to go up to plugins now plugins are basically apps for websites they give you more functionality to your website itself
that allow you to do things that you can’t do without them you can kind of imagine plugins guys as like apps for phones as I mentioned before you know we probably have apps on our phones or androids or iPhones that allow us to that allow us to you know like count maybe how many steps we go you know GPS you name it we have apps for and plugins do basically the same thing they give functionality to your website itself and so what we’re gonna do
right now guys is I’m going to tell you about some plugins that I recommend that you install right now one is used which helps with SEO it helps you to rank higher in the search engines give you a count of your keyword density how many times you’re mentioning a specific keyword like in your post itself and what you can do is just hit activate you know there and there’s some other ones that I want you to install as well that I give you more
functionality to your website online mmm great so one step too great so now we’re gonna go back to plugins again go to add new and what you can do we can install some essential worms that don’t recommend at all that you install too many plugins because plugins again you know if you have too many plugins I think you can cause your website to move slower and obviously we don’t want that you know we want a fast loading you know website itself this
type plug-in right here guys is called broken link checker basically anytime you start to link out to websites that you maybe have like similarities or very similar with topics or themes if if the webmaster itself updates their website and the link is broken you’re gonna get a notification here with WordPress to update it so you want that because if you have broken links on your website itself Google doesn’t like that and they won’t rank it high
at all so I recommend installing that one and you can hit the activate button the next one that I wanted you guys to install is it’s one called anti-spam B basically what we want to do is install a plug-in that block spam you can never have too much protection when it comes to a website itself so there’s some plugins here that are really great titin anti-spam is a really great one as well I’ve been using lately anti-spam P so we’re gonna install
that one right there great so another one that I wanted you to do is let’s go to let me type in WP Mobile I believe is call I’m looking for a plug in itself it’s really ideally for making sure that your website is accessible to people that are using mobile devices you want that because typically when you set up a website and people are searching for you won’t be able to cater the people that prefer to use mobile apps so this is a really good one
that’s right there you can install that one and when it comes to speed as well I was going to type in the word cache but it’s actually right here and this is another plug-in that’s really great for installing in fact what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go back and type in the word cache that where you guys can see it so another way to help with page loves guns is installing an app for caching itself there’s nothing to do with money it’s all about
speed and page loads you’ll see that they’re different plugins here that you can use you know for that all of them function pretty much the same and you can notice that each of these three that are here WP fast is cache w3 total cache and Lightspeed cache I will have well over 1 million hits a 1 million installations I should say and so you can just using select any one of these 3 just select one of them and again you can activate it as well so
there are several plugins out there guys that you can install you know for your website let’s say that for your blog itself for your website you want to catch people that are landing on your website and you want to chat with them you know you ever see like you ever landed on the page and you notice that you know you have like a rap that says like hello can I help you well they’re actually plugins that allow you to do just that and there’s one
that comes to mind if I could find that for you guys T do live chat it’s a really nice one there’s some other ones that pop up here as well that are really great for like if you want to provide chat support on your website and what you can do is you know again install that and you can actually communicate with your visitors when they arrive upon your website which is pretty cool don’t you think so we’re going to start with the plugins itself I’m
just gonna I was just trying to show you guys a few of some really really great plugins that you can install to give more functionality to your website you can keep installing more plugins if you want but typically on my websites that I have online I have about seven to ten great you know WordPress plugins that do you know just so well for me the next thing that we want to do is look at a theme so go to appearance gun is right here right above
click on themes and right here what we’re gonna do is we’re going to select a theme about default when you install WordPress with any new website itself or any new domain your website is gonna come with a few default themes which is what I wanted to say this one is already installed that’s what’s active on the website itself but what I want to do is change the theme that I have right now so if you want to go to the very top where it says add new
and this particular domain name itself for my case is seven five seven gem so it’s a website that essentially I’ll be creating and what you’re gonna do right here if you look on popular you can see some popular themes that pop up there are tons of them tons upon tons of them I think WordPress has like I don’t know well over eleven thousand themes itself you can search by these categories popular WordPress themes the latest that have come out some
favorites that people prefer but if you want to search for something by keyword like in my case let’s say I’m gonna look up the word fitness and basically do you think about the overall theme of your website itself you can type in a keyword right here and it’ll give you themes that have to deal with that particular your website itself or your business so you can see these are different themes that you can select from all of which are free and
they allow you to again you can install them and create your your website or customize it from that right so you can see some others here that are pretty cool as well if I wanted to type in like a word gym just to play around with this a little bit let’s see what pops up so likely I have the same type of themes right there so now you can see some with some guys and working out which is cool but let’s say your website is about I don’t know food
let’s say you were doing like a food blog you can type in a word food and you can see you’ll have some templates and different themes here that pop up all of which you can install right and they’re great so you can do that and you can just select one that fits you so what I’m going to do in this particular vlog is stuff I’m just gonna install a theme itself that I really like and it’s called a frito if I can find it pretty good theme right here
it’s very lightweight SEO friendly google loves it I’m gonna install it activate it and with any theme that you guys install I mean you can customize it to your liking you get it the way that you want you can install like widgets on the side if you want to add like banners and things that nature like to your website itself then you can do that by just grabbing like HTML these columns right here you can just drag it like right over there and if
you want to just copy and paste the HTML code that you have you don’t have to know how to write code but if you already have the code itself you can just copy and paste it right there click on done and once you do it and you go back to your website you can see the banner or the code itself on your website itself to show you guys like an example of what I’m talking about I’m gonna take you guys over to learn a Netcom and allure is a review
website where a few different web hosting providers and you’ll notice that I have different reviews but on the right side you see banners so these are banners that I’ve inserted on the right here the different levels and providers right even different products that are really great for like SCO and helping your website to rank you know really high so that’s basically what you’re doing right there with the widgets on the side you can copy and
paste the actual code itself and once you hit done and the code is in there you’re gonna see it live you know right there like on the sidebar itself that’s basically how that works I’ve like a disclosure and all that on the upper right and you can do that as well by you know again just creating or just drag in and just dropping it that’s basically what you’re doing drag it and drop it again I’ve told you guys in the beginning that when creating
WordPress websites you don’t need to have any experience per se with HTML or coding everything is like drag and drop and you’ll be at a customizer website the way that you like you so we’ve already selected a theme in my case I selected freedo depending on the theme that you guys want to you can select freedo just to follow along with me in this particular WordPress tutorial when you click on that customize itself I wanted to show you guys a few
things that you’ll be able to do you know with your website itself once it loads here great so I told you before in a very beginning of this tutorial that you could change the site name itself is this how you do it so once you click on site identity you’ll have the name of the site itself if you want to change it you can change it right there if you want to change the tagline you can do that right there and what it’ll do it will just adjust
itself you know right there if you want to and like an icon you’re gonna select right here and you can upload a photo and basically a photo will appear right there you can have a logo if you click right here and you have a picture already on your desktop and you click right there you guys would be to upload it and you can have a logo so you’re gonna have a site icon which would be typically like in a very you know top like up here in this region
but if you want the logo itself you can have it over here and you can actually put it wherever you like up in the header if you look at some other options right here I told you about widgets already but if you look at frito theme options general settings if you look at display search button on the header itself and you uncheck it you see guys you’ll have different adjustments that you can make you know to the website itself all right so when we
back up you can look at theme colors if you want to play around with the colors of the background itself you can do that see us white Rayette you see how it’s changing the color on the very top guns so again you can change it to whatever color that you want and you can play around with this with these bars right and get different colors you can change it to any color that you want if you look at the header text color itself you can change the
coloring of the text itself so you can see now it’s black the text is white so again you can change the header itself you can change the text color you can make it bigger if you want just run into these to show you guys how it really works if you look at the header excellent color right here with this particular theme you can see again that it changes with that so again you can play around with the colors and just to get a color scheme that you
know really works for you guys you can change like the background itself of the content so everything is white right now you can see everything is red now it’s brown and again that’s the whole background itself it changes those colors just like that green right so you can see again and you can play around with that and just get whatever you want to do you know on that you have like sidebars colors as well for the background you can just change
like that you can have like this one color if you want and this another color with the footer with the very bottom of the website itself you can change the colors there so basically you guys can personalize this any way you want and you can play around with the coloring of the website itself so it’s pretty cool right a lot of things that you can do you know with that great so you can add like social buttons as well if you have like Facebook
Twitter handles Google+ you got LinkedIn Instagram your YouTube all of these links once you add them in here you can have them right on your home page if you want and that way people can you know follow you online in those very same handles all right guys so what we’re gonna do right now is I wanted to show you one more thing a few more things here so we did plugins I told you guys about how to do permalinks if you go up here where settings and
you can look at general you can see again you have pure site title you have your tagline this is another place where you can change you know your tagline and the site name itself of course I have my email and everything there if you want to post a fake like date format to appear like on the blog post the time format you can change all that right there when you go down here and you have writing on the very bottom right here these are pinging
websites and basically pinging is basically allowing search engine so back to your website fast is that you can add different links you know they’re by default WordPress push this one that’s right there but if you guys want some suggestions of their websites to ping you just drop a comment right below and I’ll be sure to respond to you guys when you click on our reading what you can do right here is you can display on your blog itself the latest
polls so if you want like a static page basically like a page that a person will go to it’ll be the very first thing that they see in this case on this a Chosen wordpress blog we don’t have any pages already set up but if he did have additional pages like an about Us page a services page you know like a products page or something of that nature you could click right here and you’ll see the drop down of the pages that you actually have that way
you can show your visitors a page versus an actual post if that makes sense this right here you want to leave it just like it is don’t click it because if you do you’re basically gonna be blocking the search engines from finding your website or online so that’s something that you don’t want to do you obviously want Google to know about you when you look at our discussion the very next page itself this right here you can control like pingbacks
notifications that come to your website when you receive like comments or people comment like on your website or they share your website on other websites or online itself you get notifications to WordPress if you want comments to be left for authorized you know on your post you can specify how many days you want your posts to be live excuse me open to set up comments if you will like right now set on 14 days but you can up it to however long
that you want you can allow previous people to comment on your blog itself or if you want them to sign in before they comment you’re gonna have them to do that as well too so it’s pretty cool what you guys can do you know with your WordPress website the main thing that you want to do is start creating pages and when you create a page itself all you gonna do is click on page click on new and you can see right here that you can just simply add a
new page right and you do the same thing you know what your post itself once you click on add new for a pose for a page and you’re typing your content itself what you’re gonna do is once you finish typing and the content itself you’re going to hit publish and then you guys will be on your way to creating content on your website itself so when we back up the same deal is with post itself if you want to create a new post itself you’re just gonna
click right here and click on add new if you want to delete a post let’s say right now we just have like the default pose – hello world the one that pops up for every new WordPress installation if you want to delete a word if you want to delete a post that’s been created you can just go to trash so any posts that you want to get rid of just click on trash and you’ll be good to go you know on that when you look at comments whenever you have
comments that are left on blog posts itself this is where they’re gonna appear typically unless you specify those comments will be publicized they won’t be held for moderation but I always recommend that you guys hold them for moderation that way you can okay or delete you know any given comment before it goes live you know on your website itself and this is basically a section itself that you’ll see comments that are pending approved comments if
there’s a spam related comment you’ll see it right there if it’s trash that you’ve eliminated and delete it they’ll be right there guys so again I just wanted to share with you briefly how to again create from scratch a wordpress website wordpress blog using a to hosting there are a lot of things guys that we went over today in this tutorial in the next video I want to talk more about customization and really using other page builders such as
Elementor okay so if you guys would like to see that it’s a mic button drop a comment below and also share this video with others and once again guys I want to thank you so much for sticking with me from the very beginning to the end of this all WordPress tutorial I hope you got as much success in your endeavors of creating future websites way to hosting you guys have a wonderful day and take care