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A Review Of Ipage Webhosting And Domain Registrar Platform

hi guys welcome back again to another tutorial today’s video is going to be about um a web hosting and domain registrar platform called ipage so we are going to be reviewing this website and then we’re going to talk about some of the services that they offer and of course how you can get any of these uh services so now the website url is so uh in this website we’ll talk about the hosting section talking about the miss section
security section the email section and of course are the marketing section as well so um ipage is a weber domain registrar web hosting platform as well where you can get uh domain extensions for your website our web hosting package for your website email services for your website and of course our security as well for your website so guys um when you go to the website the first thing you’re going to see now let me go back to the home page i can
show you guys the home page so guys in the open section you’re going to see um the first you’re going to see it is um everything you need to get uh online as you can see here and it says an affordable web hosting uh services so uh when you screw that i’m going to see a free domain for a year ssl certificate included unlimited bandwidth to 24 7 support 99.9 percent obtained and um to see some of the amazing features that yeah we can click on this
button which i’m going to open a new tab so guys let’s talk about the oc section so when you are click on hosting session you’re going to see three options here the first one is uh webos team second one is uh wordpress hosting and the third one is our website vidal so i’ve talked about our website video in my previous video so i talked about how you can get a good website videos like wp forms and others which are i mean mentioned in my last video
so to know more about website our video you should go check my previous videos on website um computer so you can get our distributed package from here these are on the uh hosting section now let’s take a look at the uh the first one which is our web hosting so i’m going to open the new tab second one which is our wordpress hosting menu tab and the third one in a new tab as well so these are the cool features that you’re going to get you’re gonna
get a easy wordpress install you’re gonna get an unlimited email addresses which is the second option here second feature you’re gonna get our e-commerce functionality uh search engine and credits site analytics unlimited and domains and when you scroll down you’re going to see uh about two buttons here one is our co features second one is add to car so to see more features just click on this button that says see all features so when you screw
that you’re going to see some of the reviews that customers are saying about this service it says that your support team in my opinion has always been great i create wordpress websites for clients and recommend ipage all the time second one sees amazing customer review they are very knowledgeable resolve on my issues directly and they are available 24 7. the third one is in such a crowded ecosystem we stay with app page because the
service is always incredible and so helpful this sets your company uh apart so this is uh what you get to see about the reviews and when screwed i’m going to see our frequently asked questions about ip so this implies that some of the frequency ask questions that people ask about page so you’re going to see some questions and also answers to the questions yeah so if you can’t find any of your your questions here you can decide to contact them
directly to ask um your question using the app button right here so you can chat them and of course you can call them as well and you can always check your articles to see if you can find us on an interesting topic or uh amazing articles yet so now when you go to the second option which is a web hosting services you will find that you can get a web boosting service for as low as 1.99 per month so make sure you have an account with them before you
can actually do all of this so they are basically i did the first plan the goal plan you can get for as low as 1.99 per month and this is beat uh this is small which is three years so let’s take a look at the 12 months plan you can get it for uh 2.99 per month so guys we go to wordpress hosting you scroll down you’re going to see that you can get this for as low at 3.75 per month so you can see this is the wordpress business basically two plans
there the wp starter and wp essential so you pick the one that is okay for your website and yeah you’re gonna see website be that so you’re going to get to know understand how this actually works so i’ve talked about website video in my previous video do make sure you check it out to see how website videos actually work so to buy a domain on this platform you click on domain and then you type in the domain name on the search box to see if it’s
available and then you make purchase security section you can get security from here like site lock and of course you can get a you can get uh there are basically three plants here such as prevent and prevent blood so this is under the set log session and you can get xsl certificates as well i believe many of you know what that means and of course uh in the email section you can get google workspace uh on this platform and you can get microsoft
365 as well so the marketing section is a professional service so let’s take a look at that so you can see this is our web designer marketing work with our pros to get an s partly designed website and traffic boosting marketing service so this is basically them telling you that they can create your website they can design it for you so you can make use of this if you want there are services in this particular area so guys that is my review about
ipage or web hosting and domain registrar platform so i’m gonna see you guys in the next tutorial have a wonderful day bye