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hi my name is grant we worked really hard to make sure our customers have access to the most powerful tools available for a lot of our clients that means they need a simple and painless way to get a good website up and running fast so we're thrilled to offer the Weebly drag-and-drop website builder it's a drag-and-drop builder which means you just click on what you want drag it to where you want it and let go this is by far the easiest way for anyone to get online and to make it even easier we put together a knowledge base with answers to any questions you might have and we've made this video series to help you get started let's dive in first log into your hosting account well there's a lot of great tools here for now we just need the one the Weebly site builder after clicking on it simply pick the address at which you want your website to be and click create my site all right this is the web builder is divided into two sections up here at the top are all the tools and elements you'll need to make your site and the rest of this bottom section is the website itself so here's how it works elements are the building blocks of your website you drag the ones that you want from here down to where you want them here then once they're in place you click on them to add your own content say you want a picture and some text just drag them in and maybe out of title too then just click to type your text and insert your picture see how easy it is you can keep adding elements rearrange them or delete them once everything looks good you just click publish to make your website live and don't worry if this looks confusing in the rest of these videos I'll show you how to use these tools step by step and there's a lot of tools you can use we've already seen some elements but there's more like contact forms google maps photo galleries etc in the design section you can pick the overall look and feel of your website which you can change whenever you want click all themes to browse and find your favorites design options lets you change the font size and color of the text on your side the pages tab lets you add more pages to your website if you want a blog page click add blog you can click and drag pages to change their order hide them or delete them and the settings section lets you change your site's title edit the footer add information to make your site easier to find on search engines add a password to your website and more now handful of tools are exclusive to the premium version of the website builder if you'd like to utilize any of these features you can always upgrade to our Premium and or e-commerce additions to activate them so that's the basics of the Weebly site builder play around with it the best way to learn is to just dive in now in the next video I'm going to start demonstrating the tools I mentioned with a real world example see you then you .

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