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7. Register Your Domain Name and Hosting (HostGator)

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all right let’s do this and I want you to remember this under $25 no trip because that’s how much we’re gonna try to get our website for today under $25 and of course we’re gonna try to go as low as possible so with me now just visit the and once you get you I want you to know that I’ve used Hostgator for almost 10 years now and I think you’ll like them too because they’re the best web post on the Internet not only that they’ve
won a ton of awards accolades stuff like that you have a 45 day money-back guarantee which is important if you’re not satisfied and other guarantees like the uptime meaning your site will never go down and a lot of other bonus features other than that they look great they invest a lot of time in their design and making it easy for us to use and the support is a must use you have to try out their support if you click those two buttons and start a
live chat then you can instantly talk to someone about your website you can ask a question with how it’s working or how to add a new feature one time I wanted to completely change my domain name but keep the website the same and they helped me do it it was almost like magic in any case to get our website set up just click get started now and that snappy the mascot hey snappy and then I click choose a plan and once we’re down here we want to
choose the hatchling plan we would choose the baby plan if we wanted to host multiple sites like our uncle site and our small business site an ice-cream web site something like that and when choose the business plan if you wanted to do e-commerce and sell things because that comes with a private SSL and IP which is important these days but for now we just want a quick inexpensive website so let’s click sign up now with hatchling and at any time
you can upgrade if you need more features once you do that you’ll be in the Hostgator order form and in step one we need to either register a new domain or say we already own this to me and I actually went and registered adopt Leroy com already because I was worried someone else would snatch it up so I don’t need to pay Hostgator anything for the domain name because they already registered it at GoDaddy and I’ll show you how to connect GoDaddy
with Hostgator if that’s your case – we’re gonna do that after we register the hosting that’s how you’re supposed to do it in the case that you need to register a new domain you click the upper tab in there right in the domain name and if it’s not available they’ll tell you so I’ll just stimulate registering a domain name for someone that’s getting a completely fresh start and a fresh website they do want adopt leroy and snowy because snow is his
sister and they Bolton the adoption all right and then right away we get the domain name and hosting eater already gives us a little discount of 1295 which is great make sure none of the other ones are checked and I do recommend going with the dot-com because it’s the most recognizable when you tell people you have a website they assume you have a calm although choosing or other things won’t affect you negatively in terms of search
rankings or listings I just like the dot-com all right and before you leave section 1 uncheck domain privacy protection because we don’t need that now next in step 2 we want to make sure we have hatchling selected that’s our hatchling plan and this is by the way the first planet ever got with Hostgator and I don’t mind going back and doing the steps again I actually like it so hatchling is good and we’re just gonna choose one month for a little
over ten dollars alright enter a username and security pin maybe something you use already like on or eBay it’s something you can remember and step three is really easy just enter your billing info and I like choosing credit card but you can choose PayPal too if you’re international and you prefer that in step 4 uncheck everything again because we don’t need those additional services our site is quite safe already and I can show you
how to manually set up things like hacking monitoring professional email backups all the other stuff on our own and now in step 5 is the fun part alright guys so Hostgator gives us this introductory coupon which is nice it helps us save a little bit of money the domain name we get about two dollars and a nickel off and the hosting hatchling plan we don’t get anything off so that’s kind of cool we can save two dollars and five cents and if you
didn’t have me here with you then you’d pay under 25 bucks 2390 today to get our website set up and try everything out so not bad but we do have me with you here today so let’s choose a better coupon like I showed you before we have two coupons we can use the first one is coffee money that we’re going to try out so just type in coffee money and click validate and watch the price go down all right and the price went down because coffee money is
the one-cent hosting coupon at hostgator it gives you the hosting for one set in your first month great way to try it out especially if you don’t want to get locked in and you only want to set this website up for a month totally fine see a lot of people do it and we have our total even less than $25 at $12.96 not bad but the cost of a t-shirt now you’re probably wondering what if oh no register hosting for 12 months for a whole year what’s the
price gonna come out to you then well your good news because it’s only about 5 bucks but you have to be then if you want to register for 12 months which is also a great idea see a ton of people do it that’s what I did on my very first round just click 12 months I’m gonna fill in that billing info later because you don’t need to see my credit card info and then you’re gonna see the total go up but to get it back down just enter in dear bloggers
the name on my blog 2015 because 2015 was a great year for blogs tremendous here and click validate and once you do that you’ll get usually about between 40 and 50% off the hosting price in this case it is a full 50% congratulations and just to sweeten the deal Hostgator takes off more money on the domain I can seriously hear cat meowing and birds chirping in the background that’s how sweet this is and I’m of course happy to pay less money just
like you are so the domain name is cheaper I don’t know where else on the web you can get a domain name for 6 bucks the hosting is this price right here together when you divide this number by 12 that equals about 5 bucks a month so for the price of a $5 footlong a month you can have a beautiful website that we’re gonna learn how to build and that’s gonna be for free all the wordpress stuff we do today in this tutorial is gonna be free this is
the only thing you have to pay for and it’s the one thing I have to pay for so we can both be happy I will note that if you use my coupons coffee money ordeal all your 2015 I do earn a small affiliate Commission from Hostgator for recommending their services just because I’ve been with them for so long and I’m a registered affiliate so thanks very much that’s kind of how I get paid to make these videos and it comes at no extra cost to you it’s a
when when when if you include me you and post Gary alright guys it’s a pretty cool if you want to go this route I totally understand you get a website for about the cost of a trip to McDonald’s a month or if you want to do coffee money that’s even better because of course we pay less just make sure you have the right term period of one month all right with everything in place I want you to make sure you read the Terms of Service and other
policies as I’ve done check this box and once all the informations in there one more time double-check that you have the right email above because we’re gonna go to our inboxes for the next step when Hostgator emails us our account details make sure that email there is correct and then just click checkout now