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3 Key Elements Your Wix Site Must Have To Generate More Leads & Sales

3 Key Elements Your Wix Site Must Have To Generate More Leads & Sales | Wondering how to generate more leads and sales from your website? Discover 3 key elements you may be currently missing from your website.

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Join Sara as she breaks down the importance of funnels and how they can turn your websites into lead generation machines. So often, we look at websites as digital billboards and miss the fact that they are a prime opportunity to get your ideal client to take action with your business.

That may mean collecting email opt-ins on Wix or getting someone to book an appointment from your Wix website or even getting a prospect to buy a product from your Wix eCommerce store.

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hey what is up wix nation welcome back to another video here in our wtf what the funnel series on the wix training academy channel here my name is sarah michaels and i am your hostess for this series and we are helping you turn your wix website into a pretty and profitable lead generation machine if you have not yet already by the way please go ahead make sure that you click on the subscribe button and the bell so that you get notified when
the next video in the series drops because you do not want to miss it because by the end of this series whether you are starting your wix website from complete scratch or whether you already have a website and you want to optimize it for more leads and sales you are going to walk away from the series knowing exactly what to do to make that happen all right okay so in today’s video we are going to be talking about the three elements or the three
ideas or concepts that you want to make sure you are implementing on your website to be able to have more leads and sales that are so your website is actually converting okay so whether you are just getting started or whether you are already have a wix website this will be beneficial for you okay so the first thing that we talked about in the other videos was making sure that you had a clear path or a clear idea for the path that you want your
customers or your ideal market to take once they get to your website right so whether they found your site through your marketing or your channel or your content or your seo how however they got to you once they get to that landing page what is going to make them actually opt in to your list what’s going to make them click that button what is that next step that you want them to take so that’s why the homework assignment from the very first video
in the series was identifying what your f i t d your foot in the door entry level point is in your business or what your offer is this is often referred to as your lead magnet okay so you have to know what your lead magnet is before we can move on to this next step so that’s the very first thing you have to have a clear lead magnet and i want to show you let’s see here so i wanted to show you an example of a website now this is a course creator
her name is danielle leslie and now she’s also a coach she coaches people to help them be able to build their own courses from scratch and i love the template that she uses for her website because it does a really fantastic job of getting the site visitor to actually opt in and actually convert so i want to show you what that looks like okay so in this instance you can see on her website that she has an about section she has testimonials which is
social proof she has a free guide and then that’s it it’s a login for her members so this is a very very simple site she doesn’t blog or anything like that and what she’s offering here is a very clear idea of what she wants that site visitor to do next once they get here in order to get them to opt in so obviously it says okay if i could click on this and it would go to her lead magnet getting me to opt-in um i would get a download she would then
invite me to the master class and then she would begin sending me emails and i would be able to see if it’s a good fit yes or no this is how she’s creating a lead generation machine that is converting visitors into her list and then converting them into paying customers without her having to be involved okay so you can see this is the general design of her site which brings me to point number two the second thing that you want to make sure that
your site has is a very visible call to action a very visible a very easy to find call to action so the call to action on on this website here looks like this register now for my free master class okay and then it says yes i’m in so when i click this link by the way this is the page that it takes me to i would be registering for her master class so this is by the way this is the second page this is the the we’re going to show you how to design a
page like this in the upcoming series right now we’re just covering what the specifics are that your site needs so it has to have a very simple very clear very visible call to action section the third thing the third item on this list that you want to make sure that your site has is a very simple flow okay a very simple flow meaning we want to remove any of these potential roadblocks that could confuse your potential customer when they get to
your website okay because remember what is the number one conversion killer confusion if a site visitor gets to your website and they’re confused or if you don’t have a clear opt-in which means oftentimes if you don’t have a clear opt-in it’s because you don’t have a clear idea of that first you know point in your business that you want people to be taking with you you don’t know what your fitd is yet okay so if you don’t have a simple flow to
your site and there’s too much going on which is one of the number one things i see by the way when people work with me they’re like they come to me and they’re like okay optimize my site and it’s like they want to put all of you know their background on there like oh this is all the things that i’ve done and this and it’s too confusing and overwhelming and it’s more about the desi the person whose website it is and we have to flip that mindset
and be like okay this website isn’t about you or for you like it is but it isn’t it’s for your customer so when you start thinking of what does the customer need from me how can i serve them then your content kind of starts aligning with a very clear focus on the action that you want that person to take on your website so for example when you are looking at some of these wix templates um the wix templates are great because it gives you the bones
of you know the structure of the overall site but the websites are not designed to convert people into customers leads or sales they they just aren’t these are more like digital brochures so in the second video i gave you my top five favorite um lead generation templates on wix there are more outside of that and please don’t feel like if you don’t have one of these templates that you have to start all over from scratch because you absolutely do
not you can take the tips that we’re going to be teaching you and the design elements on what to add and take away you can apply that to any of your wix site okay so for example on this on this one right here we can see that it has a very clear call to action so if you were um optimizing or like designing on this site customizing it this would be whatever your lead magnet is so maybe if you are a service provider it’s for a free quote a free
consultation maybe it’s a free download um maybe you’re giving away some kind of like value based training or whatever that is whatever that action that you want that person to take should be very clear and easily visible now the thing that i like about some of these templates here and that you want to make sure that you have is that it is still looking really good on the mobile setting so when i flip from the desktop to the mobile setting this
is where you can see that this button is still very easily visible so when somebody lands on my website that this is this is like landing at the top of the menu because remember 70 of your site visitors are going to be coming on a mobile device so we want to make sure that not only is this going to look good on a desktop but it’s also going to be efficient if someone’s coming to your site from their phone which chances are they probably will be
at some point and then the other thing about some of the wix templates is a lot of times on the bottom or on the front page of some of them it’s not a very clear path to your lead magnet it’s not a very clear path to conversion okay so i personally would put my a button up here for my opt-in i would have that very clear and very visible i love how this one right here says start your journey because when you click on that it they use an anchor
point and it goes down to that part of her site where she wants you to start which in her case it’s an inspiration meet up with her so maybe this is like a one-time entry level um you know a discounted way to work with her you could also customize this and add uh like a free download like we talked about so that’s what you’ll see in that section okay the other thing that you want to remove is you want to remove any like well let me show you okay
so for example on this page i would take all of the blog posts off the front page i know i would do that because if someone lands on the front page and all of a sudden they’re like clicking around and now they’re no longer on my sales funnel now they are like they’re going off and reading my blog and they’re not going through that whole thing okay um so that is why i always like on my front page to have a very clear path of what i want the user
to be able to do and then the footer is where i put my lead magnet so i always put my footer in the lead magnet because then no footer oh my goodness i had that backwards i always put my lead magnet in the footer maybe i did say it right because then even if somebody is on a different page on my website or they are just you know maybe they found my website through one of my pieces of content like my blog that way even if they are coming from on
something else they’re not landing on that main page at least they’re seeing my opt-in in the footer okay so that’s one of the other things that i have so i have a very clear lead magnet that is visible with a very clear call to action so the way that i do that is i put it in the footer and i i get rid of anything that is cluttering or confusing on that main page i also a lot of the times when i go in to my website or clients websites i make the
footer very very simple less is more okay so for example i just put the bare minimum inside of the footer and i have my lead magnet as the top part of that footer so that way people are able to opt in so for example on this website here this you can see is her lead magnet right here this would all this would all be located inside of the footer okay so all of this would be the footer so that even if somebody lands on her blog post um or another
piece of content they are going to be able to see this on a desktop or on a mobile device and they’ll be like oh okay i’ve just finished reading that there’s the footer like there’s the thing it’s very easy to see at all times um if you are on any of these other templates i know yesterday we talked about the let’s see here it was a fitness one let’s go back and see if we can find that one i think it was this one okay so underneath of the fitness
category so for example i liked this one they have book a trial class now so that checks it off you’ve got a very clear visible call to action you’re going to get a trial right which is the foot in the door that’s an fitd now one of the things that i would remove from this particular one is see all of this there’s like way too much going on so i would take a lot of like some of these things out of here like this and just and really consolidate it
make it look a little bit more simple and then on this section right here this is where i would have the opt-in so maybe it’s hey download our free seven-day plan um for working out or maybe this is you know her trial whatever that would look like you want to make sure that that is uh located on a strip that’s easy to see and we talked about that yesterday and in the upcoming videos i’m also going to show you the actual design tactics to be able
to create some of these different elements that we’re talking about for your lead magnet and your funnel including okay let’s do let’s do the the front page let’s set up the strip and do the opt-in let’s design the second page and let’s put together some of these automation so that it comes all together into one which is your lead generation website so that’s what we’re going to be going through in the next videos in the wtf what the funnel
series here so if you have not yet already please make sure that you go ahead click the subscribe button and the bell if you found this helpful would you please go ahead and give the video a thumbs up i’d love to hear from you down below in the comments um if you have any questions if there’s anything that you were curious about if you need help please pop that down in the comments because we’re really here this is an interactive experience and
we’d kind of like to help and guide you through that so thank you so much for being here with us today i look forward to seeing you in the next videos bye