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[2022] How to connect Domain Name with Web Hosting | Hostinger | Namecheap | Nameserver DNS Setup

Hi pals,
Here I have set up Nameservers. Simply you will learn how to point your domain to Hostinger and how to change nameservers and DNS settings in a few simple steps!

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hello folks i hope you are fine in this video i’m connecting i’m pointing my hosting which is hostinger to the domain which i bought from namecheap and the process is the same for all the personal providers and domain providers maybe just options will be a little bit here and there but overall the process will be the same no matter if your hosting is something different not uh hosting or your domain provider is not a name cheap but overall
you can follow the process and that is almost the same uh okay so i have already logged into my hosting account i click on hosting uh this is my hosting plans i have two hosting plans and almost five domains are connected uh okay what i need to do is now i’m pointing this aflanka that come to this host so now what i need to do is to copy and paste this dns name servers from hosting here to namecheap uh okay so i have already logged in in my
namecheap account all right i’m in the dashboard and this is the domain which i bought from lynch i click on this to manage here it is the domains if you uh want to buy the hosting if you are buying the hosting also from namecheap then you are managing the dns sections from here but now we are hosting this whole singer so i just scroll down in here name servers select acoustic dns uh okay normally there are two dns servers in some cases there
are three so here we have two and uh okay and click on this to save this settings okay all right it is done now it’ll take around 38 hours to take effect but normally it is taking effect within a few hours not more than 24 hours okay so now the dns server has been changed for this domain now if you want to manage the dns settings so hostinger will manage the dna settings for this domain and you will need to manage it from here and you cannot do
that if you want to change back just you can go home and go to the domains and change the settings the names are rest back to default main chip dna settings so we are not doing that and we need to we need hosting there to manage the business settings for this problem okay now in order to check whether uh is it taking effect or not just click here there is a website uh dns checker what is my dns now search for the uh website for the domain select the name server and search and now you can see it’s taking effect so fast just within a few minutes and this is the dns server for hosting okay thank you very much make sure to hit the subscribe button and uh if this was helpful for you just thumbs up if there is any issue coming below are you really happy to respond to your comments and have a good time see in the next tutorial