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[2021] How to Install WordPress on Interserver VPS – For Beginners

In this video you can learn how to install WordPress on Interserver VPS.

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0:00 Intro
0:30 How to Buy your Domain
3:30 How to Buy your VPS
7:17 How to Setup your WordPress VPS
10:15 How to Install WordPress on your VPS
13:30 How to connect Namecheap Domain to WordPress VPS

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hey guys so welcome back to another tutorial and today i’m going to teach you how you can create a website install wordpress on a vps okay and everything all the topics i will cover in this video will has been time stamped and you can see the timestamp in the description and in the comments so you can find the link of this hosting in the description and there will be also be some special coupon codes so you can get do check out the description
you can you will get the best um deal from this okay so if you’re a complete beginner uh first let’s start with buying a domain okay you will have to go to this website new so domain name is basically a website name for example my domain name is the okay so you will have to first purchase a domain name okay i do not want to make the video too lengthy so i’m explaining it uh in a short way um first you
will just in the search bar you will see a website like this page scroll down and in the search bar here search for your new domain search for new domain dot com okay and then hit enter or you can click on this option and it will directly take you to this page and it will automatically search your domain name and see if it is available you can see surprisingly it is available but if it is not available you will have to again um delete this and
search for a new domain name okay so if once the domain name it’s available and you will also on this page you will see some tips which are really useful to select a domain name so do read it and if it is available then click on add to cart okay it has been added then click on checkout okay i have added a double domain name so i will delete one of them okay so you can see um just make sure the spelling of your domain name is correct because you
will not get a refund for it if you make a typo here so make sure that it is correct and with the namecheap you’ll get a free us card protection some domain registrar like godaddy will charge you extra for this and you can see you will you are already getting the best deal so if you follow this link new you will automatically get the best deal okay you and you will not have to search for more promo codes anything nothing will
no you will not get a better deal than this then click on confirm order okay so here you will have to if you do not have an account you will have to create an account in um just fill your details here username password email first name so that’s all the details are required so i already have an account with namecheap so i will skip this it’s really easy okay just fill your personal details so i will log into my account here okay and here you will
have to enter your payment details and then click on continue okay so once you have completed the payment and you will have to go here okay and then go to dashboard and from in the dashboard here you will see all the domains that are connected to your account and you can see i have multiple domains so we will okay so we have already purchased the domain so the step one is complete now let’s buy the vps okay so again go to the link given the
description and also you will get the promo code here there um so just follow that link and then you will see uh you will go you will see this page okay scroll down make sure the wordpress vps is selected okay uh we do not want to buy a normal vps or windows vps or any other thing we want a wordpress vps okay scroll down and then click on buy now okay first you will have to create an account here it is click on this option sign up and then fill
your email address my best wp guides at the rate you can also send me any queries at this email if you want i will generate a new password for it and then click on create account okay it will send you a verification code in your email so check that and enter it here click on create new account okay so here you will see the vps configuration you will see the platform per slice um this is the location you can also change it so select the
location which is the closest to your audience so you will get your website will load fast so i will select qnx you can see the price will also change so for six dollar i can select new jersey or los angeles so i will select new you see then just keep it at one do not change anything here and in the host name here your domain name which you just bought for your okay so for example i’m going to use this domain name that’s wp demo dot xyz so i’m
going to copy it and paste it here and this is the root password uh make sure to change that here the coupon code will be um you can get the best deal coupon code you can see uh my total price cost is just one cent so if you want this coupon code check the description and then from here this availability you will see and this is the vps configuration information um the slice one uh memory 2gb uh storage and transfer gv okay and this is the first
slice price okay and then click on proceed just click on this i have read terms in a verb and i agree and then click on place order okay so now you will see the balance um you will see the pending amount okay so it is just one cent because we use the coupon code and then we will add the payment method now i have added my card here then select change the payment method to cart from paypal and then click on view balance and make payment and click
on all okay so this time just um do that and here click on make credit card payment okay so the payment is complete and then you will see this install progress screen here that this the vps is basically being installed and now you will have to wait for a while okay so the vps installation is complete and it will take like 30 minutes to do so so just wait for a good 30 minutes till you get these two emails from interserver you will get these two
emails um let me unmark it um yeah so you will get these two emails which will config contain the details of your vps so first let’s um click on this and here you will see this two links okay so because we have not set the password yet so first click on this option click here to set a new password and it will take you to the inter server control panel um scroll down here you will have to set the new password okay first let’s um create a password
so paste my new password here which i want to set and in the portal login um you will have to use the password which we used to um create the a login so i will copy that password and paste it here okay so this is the password which we first created when we entered our for creating our account at interserver okay so this is not the root password then click on submit okay guys so i was unable to change the password myself so i
contacted the support team and you can see um i sent this ticket like 28 minutes ago and the last email in which they have sent me the password is eight minutes ago so they have resolved the issue in 20 minutes so that’s really a great turnaround time i would say for any hosting provider it’s almost like instant so this is the level of support you can expect and so now let’s install wordpress and create our website okay and from here go to this
option webuso portal click on it and it will take you to the login page here your username will be admin and you will get this in the email right so copy paste this password here and then click on login okay so we’ll save it in my password manager and once you log in you will see a control panel like this okay and from here first check if the domain is correct let’s click on this option okay so this our domain so that’s correct and now let’s go
from here to blogs and from your wordpress or you can also search here for wordpress okay and now let’s install it click on this option install now and this is the latest version um so if you want to install wordpress in a directory so then it will be like your slash wp so you can add a directory here but i do not want that i want my website to be visible at best wp demo dot xyz um just for the demo purpose i will actually install it
no directory this demo directory okay um you can leave it blank and then uh put your website name here your website name you can also change all this stuff from the from later from the wordpress dashboard so we will not edit the description right now um create a password here so i will suggest you to change the password right now okay and change your email id so right now you would not have set up your professional email id so i will just put my
gmail id here and if you allow if you want to learn uh if you want to learn how to create your professional email id like your name at the you can watch my other tutorials i will put that link in the description also um so i will put my gmail id here then select your language and we do not want any of this right now okay and then um if you want you can select a theme but we will skip it right now and then again enter your email
id here best wp guides at the rate and then click on install so then scroll up and you will see the wordpress installation process has started and it will happen automatically so just wait for a few minutes actually not even few minutes it should be done within few seconds okay so the wordpress installation is complete and you can see the congratulation message okay so right now it is showing this url okay but our domain is not pointing
to our server so basically if you remember this is our domain and right now it doesn’t know where our server is located okay so right now if i try to visit this url it will not work okay um basically it is pointing to some other server so it is showing that but you will not see anything okay so what we will do is i will copy this ip from here and then paste it here and then see if it is working so now what we have to do is tell our domain that
okay this is our um server so for this let’s go to the email now we must have received an email yes this new vps activated email id open this email and then scroll down and you will see this option dns servers so just copy and paste this now go to namecheap and you will have only one domain in your account so select that domain and click on manage and then from here you will have to do is select custom dns and then paste is this second primary
and secondary dns and then select this option tick okay so you can see this message that dns server update may take up to 48 hours okay so we have um now told our dns that okay this is where our website server is located and it will take a few hours for this to get updated okay so after updating the name server in the records name cheap records here we will also have to add a record um in the in the server panel so for this what you will have to
do is first i will show you where we were before so we were on this page okay vps page so from here you will have to select this option go to more and from here select dns manager okay so you can see i have already added the record but um it will not exist for you so you what you have to do is type your domain name here for example this is my domain name so you just type your domain name here and type your server ip address here so you can get
yourself ip address from here or also from your email id okay just paste it here and make sure there’s nothing and then click on this option add dns entry okay since i already have created this record so i cannot added a duplicate record again okay so i will pause the video and get back when the server name server gets updated okay since it’s been like um two to four hours two hours um after waiting two hours the domain name server has started
working and i will show you let’s try to visit our website you can see our wordpress website is working now and it’s loading quite fast so let’s try to log into the wordpress dashboard okay so there are two ways to do it um you will have to visit this url okay if i visit this you will see i’m already logged in we this um you will have to use the same password we created before okay i will show you by logging out from here the username was admin
and this is the password i created before select let’s login so that’s how simple it is and so basically we have created our website it’s a it’s live it’s working and now the next step what you have to do is um we have to first set up our personal email id okay so like your name at the rate so we will set up our professional b email address we will also set up wordpress and configure it to send email from the server okay and then
we will create a woocommerce website or you can also create a normal website if you want okay so i will cover all those topics in my next videos and on the screen you should be able to see the playlist link of the playlist on the link of the playlist will also be in the description so you can also get that from here and i would recommend you to watch those videos too and that’s it i hope you guys found this video useful and continue watching the
playlist so you will find a lot of other useful videos