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[2020] Namecheap EasyWP – How to build a Ecommerce website video tutorial for beginners – Part 2

In this video you can learn how to create an ecommerce store with easywp namecheap wordpress managed hosting.

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Topics covered:
0:00 Intro
01:12 Cleaning wordpress installation
02:45 How to create an ecommerce store easily
09:10 How to list simple products on your store
20:00 How to list variable products on your store
30:00 How to change currency option in woo commerce

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hey everyone so welcome back to the second part of the easy wp e-commerce tutorial series uh tutorial video sorry um in the first part of the video i have shown you how to install wordpress how to get the hosting and connect your domain to it and in the second part i will show you how to convert and i will show you the result of the first part video this is the website we created in the first part of this video okay and you can see this is
just a basic wordpress website and there is nothing much on it so i will today show you how you can convert this website into a beautiful looking ecommerce store uh in which you can sell anything online and um you know and collect payments and do everything online like a normal e-commerce store like amazon or you know ebay or any store you know like so let’s start let’s first go to the easy wp panel let’s login to our wordpress admin dashboard
from here go to admin okay so we have logged into the wordpress admin area and you can see i have not done any changes i have just installed the wordpress and the first thing we have to do is let’s go to settings go to general and from here uh if you have not done so um edit this site title if you want and add the edit the tagline like you will okay sorry you will find the best wp tutorials here okay something like that and then the site address
is okay and make sure uh make sure this is unticked right now and then save changes okay and go to the reading area um so now okay just let’s go to the permalinks yes make sure that it is set to the post name um and then save changes so that’s pretty much it now let’s uh make this uh website e-commerce tool for that you will have to go to and another thing um i forgot to mention is go to plugins and check if there are any unwanted plugins you can
see it’s only two plugins and they are not even activated so i will leave it but if you have any if you have too many plugins installed or something like that then you know uninstall them so after the doing that let’s go to the main part go to appearance from the here and go to themes and go to click on add new and here in the search bar right side uh search for astra okay and this is the theme we need okay and then click on install okay you know
you can see the easywp is really fast and everything is happening and quite frankly if i compare it to the godaddy manage hosting i feel for this is a slightly faster than that the response time is better click on activate if you want to you can check my go daddy tutorial also and once you have done that what you have to do is um go to astra options from the left sidebar okay and then click on this option install import to plugin okay it is uh
activating and here select elementor okay so it’s done actually it’s quite fast um so with astra theme there are a lot of premium templates and you also get a lot of free templates so i’m going to show you how to make your website uh for e-commerce website completely for free so for this uh from here uh sort by uh filter the free templates available free e-commerce and you can see here there are six beautiful e-commerce templates available
completely for free so and these all are completely different type of store uh templates for example like if you have something like this organic store kind of store and like you’re selling something related to plants seeds gardening you know like that you can choose this template or if you have fashion kind of store you can select this and simply you can you can use this simply natural template and cosmetics to again fashion and custom printing
and a freelance artist so if you have something like handicraft kind of stuff you know you can use this template so for example we are going to let’s say use this template okay brand store and here you can see all the page options available with this template this is the home page this will be the about page and contact us page so you will get this three pages with this template so you can also preview it if you want from here and you can see
this is how it will look i think it is really beautiful and looks completely professional uh anyone visiting your website your store will not think it is an mhr store or it is not professional i think it is it looks really amazing so um i think i really like it so let’s now close the preview and install this okay before installing i want to show you okay close this extra stuff i want to show you this how our website looks right now you can see
this is how it looks right now and now let’s import the template so let’s select select this option import complete site okay and click on import okay it’s hooray the website imported successfully so the import process is complete now let’s view our site once again let’s see how it looks right now this is how it looks and now let’s view our new website and listen this is amazing this is completely you know this that’s how simple it is um we have
just created our online online store and within few minutes and it’s really easy anyone can do it this is our old website let’s close it and this is our new website and everything here is customizable you can edit anything here and for doing so you will have to go to this option edit with elementor and okay now you can see you can edit all this options here ready for hot summer okay so everything um all the design elements all the elements here
are editable you can edit it here and for that you will have to watch the elementor tutorial which i will be creating very soon so um so it’s completely customizable you can edit all images and everything here but um i will not go into that uh uh customizing this tutorial and um i will focus right now on the woocommerce part so now let’s close this and go back to the wordpress dashboard area let’s go to the dashboard here and let’s visit our
store okay so this is our store and you can see by default all the products all some products are listed here and this is how it looks okay so um now what you can do is run the setup wizard to do things automatically and but i will show exactly how to do it manually so you will learn how this thing works and all the settings about woocommerce so first let’s start about how to list a product say you have you have created a store now you have to
learn how to list a product and i will show exactly how to do it first go here new option go to product okay or you can also go from here in the left side by you can see the products option and to add a product uh first enter the product name let’s say um like sneaker okay and in the here whatever you will enter here will be the short description of the product and like these sneakers are really comfortable okay and it will appear here for
example i will show you um this is this part is the short description so whatever you enter here will appear uh here and then scroll down and let’s first uh create a simple product uh we will select this simple keep it and then we will uh put a regular price for example let’s say it’s going for 39.99 and um it’s on sale right now for 35.99 and if you want to schedule the sale for example um you want the sale to start after midnight or something
yeah or uh on specific days so you can select the days for for which the sale will be valid till which expand uh to date so let’s cancel this right now and then let’s go to the inventory option this is the sku sku is basically stock keeping unit this is a unique identification number every product has and when you will list a product if your product has a sq number it will be available on the tags uh product tags so from there you can enter this
product app for example let’s say zero zero one okay and um the second our last second option is uh manage stock so if you take this it will enable the stock management options and you will see all the available various options away under the stock management for example you can enter the total stock quantity available with you let’s say we have 50 stock of this product and the back orders if you want to allow back orders what it means is let’s
say you have 50 uh stock and there are three options do not allow allow but notify customer allow so if you select do not allow so once the stock of 50 orders is finished your customers will not be able to place any more order on your site but if you select the second order allow but notify customer then um your customers will be able to still buy the product but they will get a notification that okay it is out of stock or um there may be some
delay in shipping and if you allow it then you know they will be able to buy it normally and they will not not get any notification so what you will have to do is quickly get restock in this product and ship your customer as fast as you can so it completely depends on you okay so i will um allow it and low stock threshold so what it means is um if we select let’s say i want to be notified when the stock level reaches 10 so after 40 per stock of
this product is sold and only 10 stock has left i will get a notification that this product stock is low and i should restock it so and this option is sold individually enable this option um so if you enable this option the customers will be able to buy only one quantity of this product so normally they can buy multiple quantities of the any product but if you enable this option they will be able to buy only one quantity so we do not want this
with this product and let’s go to shipping now here you can enter the shipping information say it’s 0.5 um kg okay so it’s 500 grams and the dimensions if you have dimensions you can enter it and shipping class we will discuss it later and then link products so this is upsell and this is crosser so what um let’s say um with sneakers you’re selling also some you know fitness equipment like um you know like anything or a different sneaker or some
t-shirt or something okay you can what you can do is like on amazon when you go you will see if you buying a product it will show you uh in the bottom of the page that customer who bought this also like this product you know x product so that’s upsell and cross sellers basically when they reach the final checkout page for example um you know upsell is um it will appear on this product page like this okay and this is related products but um it
will be similar so let’s say if i add it to cart and let’s view the cart right now so from here um if you add a product here since we have not added much product the cross sell product will be will appear here let’s see um okay so that’s how it works and then attributes okay for simple product we do not need attribute um a simple product is basically which is a single product it doesn’t have any variations like different colors or sizes like for
example a t-shirt or shoe and i will show you in the next tutorial how to uh list uh product with variations so then we will use this feature attributes then go to the advanced tab and right here you can enter the purchase note like thank you for purchasing from our store okay and that’s it and the last option is to enable or disable reviews so if you want you can enable reviews or disable reviews and reviews will be visible here that’s i mean
it’s pretty much simple the reviews here you will see the reviews here and that’s pretty much it and now let’s scroll down and the last part is the product uh met actually says product short description but actually it is the long description and i will show you where it appears um here this is the description um here the whatever you enter in this area will appear here so this is actually the long description so you can add product
specifications like um you know it depends on your product like this shows blah blah blah blah blah okay it will appear in the bottom page so now let’s focus on the right side and currently we have not selected categories so add a new category let’s sneakers and uh make let’s make the men since there is already a man category so um i did not created it and create this new category so let’s take this okay and product tags again like sneakers okay
then add it here and then then the most important thing is this product image okay and let’s select a product image uploaded from our pc okay so i have uploaded this image and this will be the main image let’s say i want to add more images so i will go to this option add product gallery images and now i will upload another image you can upload as many images as you want i want to add another adventure okay so i create a duplicate a nudge and
that’s it let’s publish it okay now view our let’s view our product okay say you have created a beautiful listing and that’s how simple it is okay you can see here this is other main product image and the images we added to the gallery so we can hear see here that there are multiple images of this product and you can see the product name we entered the category here you can also disable it from the settings i will show you later and the currency
we set the regular price and this is the sale price and you can also see the there’s a sales notification kind of bubble uh circle and this is the okay um okay um i think there’s some changes uh the short description is appearing here and the long description is here um so you can edit it actually when you will um you know you will be able to find which description is appearing there so i made a mistake but that’s will be here and the stock
availability we selected 50 stocks available you can see all the stock available and we can add multiple uh quantity of this product and the sku entered category attacks and any additional information since we had entered the 0.5 gram in the shipping tab uh the additional information is displayed here uh the reviews are working so that’s how simple it is to list a product on your website now this was a simple product and let’s say you have the
same shoe uh same sticker available in black version okay in black color and uh and you have multiple sizes available so i will show you next how to list that kind of product okay so again let’s go back to go to new product and again let’s say my snicker variable okay i’m just creating this uh title for the tutorial purpose let’s enter the long description here now let’s just send a long description of this product okay you can also add you know
various images and kind of stuff like um you have seen listing on amazon so you know they have some on some listing they have very beautiful images and explain like um so that will be provided to you by the product manufacturer or you can create on your own um you know you will have to be a little creative for that so now let’s go to product data and okay and another important thing i missed is um we would if you would like to how to change the
currency option i know a lot of you would like to change it to dollar or another currency so i will show you how to do it after this tutorial simple product mentioned simple product let’s select a variable product here okay let’s enter the skull002 and enable stock management let’s say we have 100 quantity we will allow back orders lowest stock threshold is 20 um we are not selling it individually customers can buy multiple uh quantity let’s go
to shipping let’s say we have shipping links we are not linking any products here let’s let’s link it something which is for the tutorial okay this is the first product we created so and just to show you a link go to attributes now click on add here and first let’s say we have different color options available and visible it will be visible on the product page and it will be used for variations for example first um black and white we have this
two different color options available and then save attributes then again click on add now let’s say we have different size available okay and then let’s enter four five six seven okay and then take both this options click save attributes and then go to variations and from here create variation from all attributes go okay now it has automatically created eight variations so for each color and size it will create a variation automatically so
that’s how simple it is you can see here with black color there are uh this all these different sizes available for white color all this different sizes so that’s how simple it is and now we can expand all this and you can manually add the product images and um you know the sqo code and everything so let’s say i’ll add the images okay so once you have done this um now what you can do is um you know either enter the squ code for each if you have
it but for price we can um set it from here so for example let’s say um each variation of the product has a different price so you will have to main um enter it manually like let’s say it says for 39.99 and this is on sale 35.99 and size 5 is for 41 okay and there is no sale on it and the next is 43 okay so if it is different then you will have to obviously enter it manually all the prices and okay but if it is the same then this we can select uh
do it automatically from here uh scroll click this option and in the pricing you can set your regular prices set regular prices go now enter value so for example all these uh sneakers are going for 39.99 okay and you can see the product prices for all the sneakers have been updated now okay um if it didn’t worked you’ll have to do it again sometime it happens let’s expand it again okay now it worked okay sometimes it happens just do it again okay
and the sale price let’s say let’s if you want to add sale price also you can set sale price here and all the different options are available for stock or out of stock and you can also set the length bit so you don’t have to manually uh enter the details for each variation and you can do it automatically from here and then go to advanced again let’s enter here into the purchase note like thank you for purchasing from the store okay and enter the
short description here short description okay and now let’s go to the right side and let’s take this category product tag and this um then let’s select a product image so you can either select the black version or the white version which will be the main product image for example let’s say this time select this black black color and add all these uh images to the product gallery then click on publish now let’s view this product okay you can see
here this is how it looks um you can see the variations here this is the regular price and um we may have set a different price for some product uh we i think i entered some sale price of some so let’s say we want to change we want to see the white version and color 4. so it will automatically change the product image will automatically change uh for whatever the image you have selected so let’s say now we want to select black for size five this
product image will automatically change so that’s how simple it is for example you can use it for selling t-shirt shirts or anything that has variations um you know the stock available it is hundred and we can add to cart and all these can have different pricing so that’s how it works uh the additional information is available wait now color sizes have also been added here reviews are enabled and this is the long description short description is
here and another thing we did was add an upsell and cross sell okay so you can see here the related products are shown here in the bottom area and uh before this the upsell will uh show you like i told you as on amazon you’ll see you may also like this option now let’s add it to cart okay and i will show you the cross sell option let’s do our cart and you can see again you may be interested in this is the cross sell option okay so that’s how it
works and now let’s i will show you how to change the currency option for example let’s go back to the dashboard from here go to woocommerce go to settings okay and from here if you scroll down you can change it to dollar or anything any currency you want yes yes your scholar and you can also change the this options save changes now let’s refresh this page and you can see all the prices have been changed to the dollar option so that’s it guys for
this tutorial i think this it will become too long and um you know i will create instead i will create it in a part so um you know do make sure to watch the third part of this video too and in this and in that video i will show you more options of listing your products and adding coupon codes and you know all various woocommerce functionalities so i hope you found this video tutorial useful and uh if you found it useful leave a like and uh post
your feedback in the comments and um you know tell me how what changes you would like or what you liked what you disliked and what i can improve so make sure to subscribe to the channel for more tutorials and i will see you in the next video