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hi ever'one Tom here I'm excited to be giving a quick overview fast comment review and explain to you what my experience with them has been over the past few years now spoiler alert fast comment is actually a good web host although my preferred web host is SiteGround they're currently offering a discount and I did a review back then about them say if you want to learn more click the links down in the description below before I proceed I'd like to give you a bit of a disclaimer so I may be compensated by the companies mentioned in my videos so if you click one of my links and make a purchase this doesn't cost you anything extra but rather it supports me in my quest to bring you more comprehensive review such as this one in the future now choosing the right web host is really important so if bad buy Bose would give you headaches it will waste your money and cost him your website to run slow so may even leave your website in the process so I'm actually looking at you fat cow web hosting on the other hand a good web host will load your site almost immediately it will have minimal to no downtime at all it also won't get more expensive year after year and will help you in your business to make more money and yes choosing the right web host is super important so if you are a business owner or an aspiring blogger or just somebody looking to bring a cool idea to life then this video is for you in this video I'll start by thinking through the most important features a fast comment like whether it supports a cPanel how their ups and claims are when you compare to reality and what male will overall experience has been also that you know the pricing structure of past comment and whether there are any discounts available for you so if you're wondering how fast comment compares to the competition I'm about to explain that but first I'd like to give you a bit of background about myself and what I use come fast comment for so you know that I knew what I'm talking about so like I said my name is Tom and I've been working online since 2012 during those years I've run several businesses and because of that I've had to use a variety of web hosting companies I mean a huge variety so probably about 30 to 40 over the years and because of that I learned that virtually every single one of them if not all is under a single company called endurance inter national group or AIG now endurance international group is a very very huge company and the way they operate is they acquire small independent web hosting companies and bring them under umbrella so Hostgator are vagues a small orange and a ton of today's most popular web hosting solutions operate under this umbrella and at school and all no problem with that but the reason I mentioned this is because no matter which one you choose or decide to go it the only difference that you're gonna see it smoke most probably the price and really you are going to be looking at a few things so in this video I'm gonna cover the following in order so we're gonna go over to price dumps I'm a fast comet its speed cpanel whether it has it or not and equality of their customer support and after all of that I'm gonna give you all my final thoughts about them and whether or not you should go out and buy them so here is fast comments website and can see it's very very clean the organized so first we're gonna start with a price and really you are going to be surprised at how low these guys offer for actually very very good performance so for myself I'm pretty cheap and I like to get a deal whenever I can wherever I can so these prices work for me so currently they're offering a start smart scale ride or speed up plan for the shared web hosting options so the good thing about our process is that the prices they post here are gonna be the same as the renewal price so these are already are the real prizes so for star smart it's actually three dollars per month scale right has it at six months six dollars a month and speed up has it at ten bucks so you are getting a few things out of start smart and these increase as long as give up the ladder with scale right and speed up so what are the other features so for instance this is also common with all of their plans so you get cpanel and saw soft colliculus daily backups free CloudFlare CDN it's a very very powerful tool for hosting your images and media content so they have their own version of an SSL certificate called that's encrypt a bit ninja server security option as well so apart from that you get unlimited ftp accounts unlimited databases under the sub domains and multiple PHP versions now the only thing that's limited in this case is actually the amount of websites you can have at the same time so for instance if it starts smart that's just a single website now for the other ones that's gonna be unlimited you also get limited storage so you are trading storage space for performance over here so for start smart that starts at 15 gigabytes of SSD grade storage which shoots up to 25 up to 35 gigabytes of storage for the speed up plan the good thing about these plans is actually offer free domains for life as long as you actually keep your website hosted with them so this is available in multiple domain options you know to command.com dotnet options even dot-org I believe so they offer that for free under the condition that you keep your website hosted with them it also comes with their website starter kit so like I said free domain 24/7 human support because nobody likes being replied to by a robot because they don't actually gets you anywhere you want like app auto installer a free drag-and-drop site builder if you're feeling kind of lazy or not really kid oriented so that's really helpful and unlimited accounts email accounts rather so apart from that if you get with scale ride to get advanced features now so you get twice the amount of processing power in RAM you get a one click restore manager for your backups a global sign SSL so this is very much better than their let's encrypt SSL a private Danny DNS and a dynamic SSL seal you also get integrated with Google PageSpeed so if you're very much worried about the speed of your site or you just want to make sure it lives very very well with your visitors that's very helpful and finally for the speed-up you get a rocket booster kit so you get three times the amount of processing power in RAM get varnished cash and WAF Opie code cash 30 daily backups which is very very much a lot in my opinion and you get three times less flights per server so this is indeed a shared hosting option but with the speed up plan you get three times that's less class per server meaning the amount of people that you're going to be sharing the server with it's going to be dramatically reduced so why is that important it's important because if you're paying a higher price want to be sure the resources that's going to be allocated with you it's not going to run dry anytime soon so those are the options with fast comments shared web hosting plans but of course I'm not gonna let you go away with these prices because I'm pretty sure you want a discount as well so I'm gonna be leaving down a just got a coupon in the link description that you can use to sign up with fast comment if you think this works for you so they don't exactly advertise or literally advertise their uptime rates but they do include a certain statement here that our proactive monitor approach prevents 99% of mesh common web hosting is shoes which includes unter uninterrupted upside for your website so let's just take it as 99% of uptime for your site and really that proves to be true as well so past comment is one of the most powerful web hosting companies out there in the market right now and the way they have been staying on top is providing customers with dimille's stable and reliable web hosting service and really my opinion and my personal experience this actually has been true so of course you're gonna have the usual and occasional downtime which of course is not uncommon with lots of hosting companies these days but I'd like you to know that this is actually Gigi Nick more of you know having to maintain and upgrade your service to ensure that all the users and customers are very well satisfied but as means for you is of course there's no guarantee that you're not gonna get a downtime but you have to keep in mind that downtime is there because they're making sure that the service you get is actually very good and always reliable now for speed if you have thousands of visitors to your site every single day I highly recommend you go with wpx hosting so click the link in the description below to get a discount from them and they actually handle high traffic volume very very good with no problems now you have if you have less than thousands of visitors to your site every day fast comet will do just fine but if you want an alternative with them and you're not so convinced with the way they operate sigh ground is also a powerful alternative to to speed and as I mentioned earlier fast comet actually includes a cPanel a standard one which is very much appreciated with with lots of their hosting platforms so for the shared web hosting to start smart all up to speed up you will get a guaranteed cPanel interface that is very easy to use and manage so anything you need to configure you're gonna get access to apart from that they also include a tutorial which is very helpful in navigating your cPanel if you are a first-timer or you want to get refreshed with a lot as you have about C panels now for the customer support they have a very lively and active customer chat so as you can see here the bottom right of my screen they have a chap now write us and phone option and these are very very good to see on any hosting company so in my experience I've only used the chat now option to get in touch with in customer support agent and so far they have not left me down on occasion though I like to get touch with them personally by calling them and so far in a few times I think two or three times I've had to call them because I was just you lazy to actually type it out I've had very much success with actually getting my problems or solved so for instance if you're wondering how you're going to do say configure your subdomains or add a domain or purchase one or perhaps you know change the config or redirections from your website to another URL outside of your your website software that could be done easily 3d customer service if you're having problems with the cPanel so really if you want a robust customer support team to aid you in the need of time in time of need rather than fast comments customers for this actually very very good for that matter so that has been my my overview and review a fast comment and it's now time to wrap it up with what I think about them so ultimately what I recommend fast comments so definitely the answer is yes and without reservations so of course you can find complaints about them online but you will most definitely find complaints about every under every other hosting company out there on the market so they have thousands of customers and minutes of them are very happy I can't speak for everyone but in my experience which I think it's a very percentage of the average customer experience with fast comment has been very positive so if you want to snag a discount with them check the link in the description down below which I update every time there's a discount available from fast comment but if you want to check out my alternative web host which is also my preferred web host check outside ground and side grounds review by me you can check out those links as well in the description so you don't get lost within the video so now I'm gonna ask you have you used fast comment in the past so it was your experience let me know in the comments below if you liked this video give it a thumbs up because it's liked it give it a thumbs down as all we don't forget to subscribe .

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