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Looking for 2020’s best Hostgator vs. Bluehost comparison? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In this video I’ll explain what I like about Hostgator and Bluehost, whether their uptime claim of 100% is accurate or not, and I’ll give you a walkthrough of my Hostgator and Bluehost accounts so you can see how it looks without needing to set up an account yourself.

I am or have been a user of every host I review on my channel. I even bravely trialed Host Papa at one point (don’t ask). I may be compensated by the companies mentioned in my videos if you click one of my links and make a purchase. This doesn’t cost you any extra and supports me in my quest to bring you more comprehensive reviews of hosting products.


hi everyone Tom here and I’m excited to be giving you a quick overview of Hostgator vs. Bluehost and tell you about what my experience has been with these web hosting solutions over the past few years in this video I’ll first take you through the most important features of Hostgator and Bluehost like whether each of them support a control panel what their uptime claims are when compared to real-world usage their speed reliability their
customer support as well and the second half of this video I’ll take you through the back end of my hosting accounts so all I’m going to show you the back end for Hostgator and Bluehost so you can see exactly what you’re going to expect when you open an account for either of these web hosting solutions I’ll also let you know the pricing structure a post Gator as well as Bluehost and whether there are any discounts available for you so if you’re
wondering how Hostgator compares to Bluehost I’m going to tell to tell you that but first I’d like to tell you a bit about myself what are you so skater in Bluehost for so you know that I know what I’m talking about like I said my name is Tom and I have been working since 2012 in this industry I have run about several businesses over the years and because of that I’ve had to switch between web hosting solutions one from another every single time
and I mean huge variety of them I had to try every single one of them just to find the best one here and maybe I used about 30 to 40 over the years and I’m gonna let you in on a little secret because of that you may not know this but every single one of these web hosting solutions if not all may be a select exclusions over here are owned by a single company called endurance international group or EAG they are a huge company that operates by
acquiring small independent web hosts and brings them under the umbrella so the weight that’s the way they operate so most likely no matter which one you choose you’ll end up with about the same quality of service same quality of support speed and reliability with the only difference being the pricing and really you are going to be looking at a few things so it started with pricing about myself I am a pretty cheap I would say person and I don’t
have that much funds pretty I mean I like to get a deal everywhere I can I mean don’t you so let’s start with hostgator pricing so says here that it starts at 275 a month and that is for the introductory price which if I scroll down below here you will see that prices reflect discount on first term so these prices will change as you go further in your subscription status so that’s 275 a month for the hatchling 395 for the baby plan and 595 for
the business plan now if we go over here where they present a table in comparison to other web hosting solutions out there you’ll see that they didn’t indicate that the starting monthly price and introductory offer is to send it was 275 a month and the monthly renewal costs would shoot back up to almost $7 and because of that I’m gonna throw in a discount coupon down below which she can use when you choose to sign up with Hostgator now for
Bluehost Bluehost names that they started at 295 a month but you see that it also indicated an asterisk over here and slashed off $7.99 and this is because Bluehost offers a promotional price for the first term only and then goes back at a regular rate similar to Hostgator we can go into detail over that one over here so it’s laid out here for the 12 24 and 36 month options going as high as $8.99 for the basic and as little as $7.99 for that one
should you go for the longer period this doing do note that if you so choose to go with a cheaper option you will be locked in at the longer period but you will also have to pay full and in advance for the whole sum of that but anyway I will still also be including a coupon discount for Bluehost as well now onwards to uptime and my experience Hostgator has been very reliable in fact the the sport the 99.9% uptime guarantee within one month
compensation guaranteed if they fail to do so so it’s indicated here in their uptime guarantee article under the section 15 of the Terms of Service and I’d say this is how this has been very damn accurate in my experience the only times my sites have gone down is during a maintenance update or they’re fixing something with their service to improve service reliability for other customers like ourselves so Hostgator that’s a good one now for
Bluehost Louis doesn’t publicly advertise their uptime percentage whether it’s 100 or 99 or whatever figure that is but I’d say this Bluehost is just as reliable associated no issues over here like I said with these two hosting solutions the only time you may even remotely experience a downtime is during a server update or maintenance being done under on their end and even Bluehost guarantees a 15-minute resolving of those issues though in rare
cases 15 minutes may be too long or too short so it means take some time if you’re under a very rare case but in any case you can always contact these support teams for Hostgator and Bluehost and they’ll be happy to assist you with whatever concern you may have with the current subscription now in terms of speed if you have thousands of visitors every day every single day to your site I would highly recommend wpx hosting wpx is a very good
hosting solution if you have more than a thousand visitors but if you have less than that Bluehost will work just as fine now for customer support Bluehost has their own dedicated customer support and customer support in-house experts which are working around the clock 24/7 they also provide knowledge bases tutorials written guides video guides and such which may help you figure out any hindrances or obstacles you may encounter when setting up
your website with these hosting solutions now for Hostgator hosting it also offers a 24/7 365 support via live chat so for blue hosting and phone them but for Hostgator you can phone them as well so you just have to click contact us here and really there’s not much to say about these support teams for hostgator and LU host they’re very reliable they’re very responsive and quick so no long queue times when getting in trying to get in touch with an
actual person to respond to your query they handle their tickets fairly well I would say and really just bring it up bring it up to them they’ll do the rest for you you don’t even have to spread about it that much so that’s my performance evaluation for Hostgator and LU host now we’re going to do next is we’re going to check out each hosting solutions control panel here so when you first logged into who skater’s customer portal or the control
panel as we all know it you will be greeted with this dashboard so do we navigate through these is either choose your account billing hosting domains support and marketing from your account you can check your account summary your profile your settings the packages you have with your subscription or you can even add some more if you need to and then if you move over to billing you’ll be seeing your billing history which once you’ve paid which ones
are jus or upcoming if you want to make a payment you can do so here you can manage your payment cards your Visa MasterCard Discovery they also take paypal if you don’t want to use your cards you also get account credits like I mentioned earlier in the Terms of Service they actually provide compensation when down times happen that’s out of their control so you can all see that under billing over here now if you click the hosting tab over here
this is where you see most of the options that you have to enable them or disable them whichever tools you need for your hosting needs now you have email you have website traffic files and folders for FTP your domains SSL Certificates if you need those those are very nice to have even have G suite over here a website builder site lock and code guard which are very useful for site security and backups you have cloud storages here MySQL if you’re
running maybe an e-commerce site like I said your file manager you have site builders over here your SEO tools if you’re into that so that is your hosting options over here now for the domain staff this is where you manage your domains whichever domains you have available or are added to your hosting account in Hostgator so you can manage them upgrade them if you need to be registered some more you want to transfer them to a different hosting
platform you name it all of those could be done under here in the domains tab and finally this is where you get in touch with a live support agent or even just using lolly should be searched or whichever process that you need done that you need to get some more information on or a step by step or the documentation you get that here in the knowledge suite search just need to type in whichever you’re looking for you can request a migration opt-in
for whatever additional services Hostgator offers a reboot if you must and you can cancel packages whatsoever I won’t be going into marketing since that’s a pretty self-explanatory but now I will be moving into whose control panel okay so now we’re logged into the Blue Hose control panel from my account and this is what you’ll see versus what you you would have seen for Hostgator so it’s a bit different design overall but I will walk you through
the most basic tools available what options you have so for Bluehost here’s what you have for the main hosting tab over here you have a get started guide helps enter your account access over here your settings even have marketing email website domains security databases all that stuff so you need to integrate WordPress that’s possible as well manage your domains from here and at the very bottom you’ll see a quick summary of whatever hosting
services you currently have enabled what’s about to expire whichever you can upgrade or want to upgrade you can even add a new hosting service if we need to – that one’s pretty straightforward alright so this is the control panel itself per se from the the hosting tab so this is where you get more in depth with whatever tools are available for you so you have for email you have spam assassin spam experts account filtering autoresponders if you
need that to automatically respond to visitor customer increase via email you can manage your domains as well upload files by FTP check your disk usage your stats you can even upgrade your hosting here do a site backup getting integrated with CloudFlare if you need that extra layer of protection gee suite solo SEO site doctor if you’re doing troubleshooting even Google AdWords they have that as well you have IP denying manager if you have that a
bad case of spam bots flooding your site as a cell which is always helpful you also have MySQL databases MySQL wizard PHP myadmin so basically most and majority of the database tools are available here can even integrate a programming tools as well so we have PHP like I said earlier you have Ruby even Apache over here you can do this cloud syncs as well from here as well you can change your passwords renew your account your billing information
all that stuff even have webinars and how-to videos for additional knowledge gathering all right so now that in your in domains you can see a quick overview here of which the means you have expiring soon which once you have to renew which ones you have to extend whatsoever how many domains and subdomains you have in your site in your hosting rather so all of that is done here in the domains tab we can even redirect transfer reassign and even
register some more after your liking over here at the domains tab and finally here we have the add-on so you have dozens of a ton of add-on tools available for your hosting account here Bluehost she have loose SEO tools site lock WP live so that’s WordPress so those are the stuff that are available as add-ons which you have to pay for either in a monthly basis or a one-time fee even can do so outside of the add-ons you have WordPress tools and
that I won’t go into any more and as well as an account option over here for managing your account settings your billing your address and whatnot so that this has been my overview of Bluehost against Hostgator I hope this has been very helpful for you and have a nice day