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๐Ÿ‘‰GoDaddy vs Hostgator Web Hosting Comparison โœ… Which Web Host Wins?

GoDaddy vs Hostgator – While GoDaddy is a much better known hosting company due to their huge advertising campaigns, those who prefer quality over name recognition will want Hostgator.
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GoDaddy Vs Hostgator Hosting Comparison – An Honest Review transcript. Hello everyone Carson here and in today’s video, I’m going to be taking you through the pros and cons of both Hostgator and GoDaddy and comparing the two platforms. Now before we get into this video, remember to leave a like, subscribe and hit that notification bell. So every single time I upload you will be notified. And also just a reminder that I have Hostgator and GoDaddy linked in the description, so you can view more details and receive special discounts when you go with your hosting plan. Now let’s go ahead and get into the video and the comparison between these two platforms. Now Hostgator and GoDaddy are two of the biggest hosting platforms around without a doubt. They are both industry leaders, they are incredibly large on all fronts. And you’ve probably heard of both if you know anything about website hosting, the question remains is which platform is better overall GoDaddy, or hostgator. Now if you’ve watched my previous content, and if you want to know the results, before I give you the reasons, I’m just going to go ahead and put it out right that I think Hostgator is in the top three platforms of 2022. Whereas GoDaddy does just not make that list. So if you are looking for the better platform, I would definitely recommend hostgator. But now let me go ahead and take you through the details, the pros and cons of each platform, and the reasoning behind my decision. Now Hostgator has cheap scalable plans, they have email marketing, they offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. And they offer a free domain name on sign up. They also offer a free SSL and a bunch of other goodies which you can get when you sign up for their platform. It’s a really great platform. The one of the cons is that technically, they don’t offer truly unlimited bandwidth on their plans. This, of course, is actually not a big deal, because the amount of bandwidth they offer is so large that you don’t even really need truly unlimited bandwidth, no one’s going to be using that much anyways. But they don’t offer that that is not a feature you’re going to be getting with hostgator. Now GoDaddy offers 99 point 98% uptime, which although it’s not as high as Hostgator is still very good. And of course, it’s all in one. So they offer website building, domain registration, and a bunch of other stuff like email hosting. Now one of the cons of GoDaddy being that their prices are a bit steep. The prices which they offer aren’t going to be the cheapest prices on the market, especially compared to their competitors like hostgator. They also don’t have the best customer support, which for me is a pretty big deal breaker, but it’s really up to the user. Now. Hostgator is also better for WordPress integration, despite the fact that GoDaddy is pretty good for it as well. Hostgator also has a faster install time Hostgator support and pricing is also much better than GoDaddy support and pricing. So in conclusion, I would definitely have to recommend going with Hostgator I think you’re going to be getting better value for the money you pay and on a guaranteed better platform. So if you do want to check them out, go ahead and head down to my link in the description where I have a link to Hostgator where you can receive special discounts as well. Thanks for watching. Remember to leave a like subscribe and hit that notification bell and I’ll see you in the next video.

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