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πŸ‘‰ GoDaddy Website Builder Review 2022 βœ… Is it any good?

GoDaddy Website Builder Review – Watch this review of the GoDaddy website builder in 2022 and learn the pros and cons, details, pricing and features of the GoDaddy platform!
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00:20 What is this Website builder
01:05 Do I like it
01:35 Pros of GoDaddy website builder
02:00 Cons of Godaddy website builder
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πŸ‘‰ GoDaddy Website Builder Review – Watch this review of the GoDaddy website builder in 2022 and learn the pros and cons, details, pricing and features of the GoDaddy platform!

GoDaddy Website Builder Review 2022: Is it any good? Transcript:
Hello everyone Carson here and in today’s video, I am going to be reviewing GoDaddy Website Builder. Now before we do get into this video, just a reminder to leave a like subscribe and hit that notification bell if you want to be notified every single time I upload. And now let’s get right into the video. Now GoDaddy Website Builder is very well known, albeit mainly because it is GoDaddy website builder and GoDaddy is one of the biggest website hosts on the market.

Now in case you’re not familiar with my content, I have reviewed GoDaddy in the past. But if you are familiar with my contents, you’ll know I didn’t review them very highly. I am not a big fan of GoDaddy as a hosting company. But the question remains Am I a fan of their website builder. So in this video, I am going to be taking you through GoDaddy website builder and telling you the pros, the cons, and if it’s a good website builder, or not now just for the TLDR because there are a lot of viewers who don’t want to stick around to hear the whole thing and just want to know if it’s good or not go to his website builder.

For me. I don’t like it. I think it’s a very bad Website Builder. It’s clunky, and it lacks all of the features you need in a good website builder, which is why I actually recommend a website builder like Squarespace to all of my viewers instead. Now I actually will leave a link to Squarespace in the description below if you want to check them out at a special discount. But now let’s get into the GoDaddy Website Builder review. And I’ll go ahead and tell you why I don’t like their platform. Now one big benefit, which I do want to note about good ad is Website Builder.

Before we get started on all the cons is the fact that it is free to use for a month. What this basically means is that you’re able to use it and test it out for a full month before deciding if you like it or not. The problem is every single other website builder has this feature as well, including Squarespace, which is my top pick for a website builder, but now into the cons because their website builder does have quite a few of them. The first con being is that it lacks a lot of customizability.

It is not very easy to customize GoDaddy Website Builder. It lacks a lot of the features you would require when you want to customize your website. And when you want to actually add any more complex features than just a basic cookie cutter template site. website like Squarespace basically lets you customize as much as you can think of it includes all the different features you need, as well as a bunch of different add ons and extra features for your site, just depending on what you want.

Go nice website builder, on the other hand is really, really simple. And for me at least, this simplicity is not in a good way, it’s not simple as an easy to use. Although it is easy to use. Squarespace is also easy to use, but it adds all those extra features, while remaining also coherent. And you know, actually a good piece of software, their website builder also starts at 999 a month, going up to 1999 a month for the premium website builder, and 25 a month for the e commerce Website Builder.

So their pricing isn’t really spectacular either. And because the website builder itself doesn’t really shine that just makes this pricing even worse. Another big problem is that it’s preview options are pretty bad. It’s really difficult to preview, you know, and actually mock up your website in GoDaddy Website Builder because they just don’t offer all the options required to do that.

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