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Warning! Do not use GoDaddy till you see this. In this GoDaddy review video I show you 7 major red flag warning signs.
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00:00 Intro
00:46 Reason 1 Speed
01:20 Reason 2 SSL SIL
01:52 Reason 3 Bad Updates
02:04 Reason 4 Bad Support
02:33 Reason 5 PHP Errors
02:50 Reason 6 Upsell
03:13 Reason 7 Bad advertisement
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Warning! Do not use GoDaddy till you see this. In this GoDaddy review video I show you 7 major red flag warning signs. 7 Reasons Why You Should Not Use GoDaddy Hosting in 2022 Transcript:
Hello everyone Carson here. And in today’s video, I’m going to be telling you seven reasons to avoid GoDaddy at all costs and instead, go with an alternative, the best alternative being Bluehost. Now before we do get into this video of the seven reasons why you should avoid GoDaddy, because there are quite a lot of reasons. And it’s pretty important that you know these reasons. But before we get into it, if you enjoy my content, remember to leave, like subscribe and hit that notification bell because I upload all the time, and you do not want to miss out and also just a reminder that I actually have Bluehost link in the description where you can check it out if you do want to. So remember to do that. And without further ado, let’s get into the video.

Now GoDaddy is one of the biggest and most popular hosting platforms in the world. But unfortunately, it really doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. The first reason being, of course, the speed. As everyone knows, speed is a very important part. It’s a very critical part of user experience, as well as search engine optimization. And unfortunately, GoDaddy doesn’t do too good in that department. GoDaddy is hosting is actually relatively slow to a lot of its competitors, even the cheaper ones like Hostgator or Bluehost. Next up the GoDaddy SSL SIL, the SSL still essentially really ruins your performance when you get it from GoDaddy. GoDaddy offers a bunch of extra different features and handshakes which really slow down the server and the entire website and actually make it unreadable. For a lot of things Go Daddy’s SSL is actually one of their worst features. So even if they gave it to you for free, it wouldn’t be worth it and it would actually be a detriment. At next up at number three we have WordPress updates Go Daddy’s WordPress updates are notoriously pretty bugged.

And the bug update can essentially crash your entire site. At number four, we have support. And this is one of Go Daddy’s worst features in my opinion. And one of the ones that are most well known for being horrible at which is the support. GoDaddy support is honestly horrendous. It doesn’t provide you with good value, it doesn’t provide you with anything at all. Oftentimes, you will get very useless answers. And you won’t get matched with someone who actually knows anything about the technical aspect of hosting a website, which is a major detriment for you. Next up at number five is PHP errors. GoDaddy has tendencies to have a lot of PHP errors. And if you’re not really familiar with web hosting, because GoDaddy definitely doesn’t make it user friendly or beginner friendly for you, this can be really difficult to solve at number six, even though GoDaddy starts off cheap, they constantly upsell all the time, they are upselling, upselling, and upselling. And that just doesn’t sit right with me because even though you might initially buy a quote unquote cheap plan, by the time they finished up selling all the products, which are necessary for that, quote, unquote cheap plan, it’s actually not cheap anymore, and instead is incredibly expensive. Finally, Go Daddy’s advertisements.

And although this isn’t a call with the actual platform, their advertisements are notorious for not being the best. A lot of people think some of their advertisements are disgusting. And that’s created a lot of controversy over the years for their platform. So if that’s something that would bother you, that’s something you need to understand. So in conclusion, GoDaddy is just not the best platform. There are multitudes of platforms better than GoDaddy, and one of my top picks is actually So if you want to check them out, go ahead and head down to my link in the description where I will have them linked.

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