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βœ… GoDaddy Hosting Review of 2022πŸ”₯ Best Web Hosting or Overrated?

βœ… GoDaddy Hosting Review of 2022. Find out if it’s the best web hosting for your needs.βœ…
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Transcript for GoDaddy Hosting Review of 2022- Best Web Hosting or Overrated?

Hey guys, Taylor here with another web hosting service review. And today we’re going to be talking about probably one of the most popular and well known website hosting services available. And that’s Now due to clever marketing and a large promotional budget, GoDaddy is probably a name that you’ve heard at some point in your life. But just because it’s very popular and very well known, doesn’t mean it’s the best web hosting service out there. So today, we’re gonna be diving into GoDaddy, we’re going to be talking about some of the benefits and features to see if it might be right for you in your particular situation. And as always, I will leave links to any web hosting services we discussed down in the description below. So you can check it out there along with any deals or discounts that I might find. So if you’re interested, definitely take a look down in the description. So kicking it off, GoDaddy has been around for a long time. And by longtime I mean they have at least 20 years of experience offering web services. But in that time, a lot of options have popped up to be direct competition with GoDaddy. So does it still stand up today? Well, the short answer is not particularly. But we’re gonna jump into some of these features and go a little bit deeper into what GoDaddy offers. Now, in terms of the structure of the company, GoDaddy is primarily focused on domains, that means like hosting is not really a priority in their grand scheme of things. And basically, this amounts to their services as far as web hosting, suffering a little bit. And in some cases, a lot. The hosting is Apache based. And if you’re familiar with this terminology, you know that it’s an older version of web server tech, and most hosting services nowadays are actually moving away from that. If you’re familiar with systems like WordPress, and other content management systems, Apache really struggles to work well with those systems. Now, in terms of plans, there are four plans on offer here, all with unmetered bandwidth. The basic plan comes with 100 gigs of storage space, not SSD, which is the newer storage tech. So basically, that means it won’t be as fast. And the other three plans do have unlimited space. So in terms of features, the more advanced plans do support more databases. And the basic plan can only handle one domain while the others can handle unlimited domains. And basically, as you go up in the plans, you’re going to get faster speeds, which equates to basically having more RAM and CPU power behind them. GoDaddy does use cPanel. And you’ll have all the regular tools at your disposal, which means things like WordPress and other CMS are easily installed. Now with that said, a lot of the key features to web hosting services that are available, and some of our best options are simply absent here. Things like there is no free SSL on the basic plan. SSL is definitely something you need on your website. Basically, that’s going to encrypt all the data that goes between your site and your users. So it’s going to protect you and your users. GoDaddy is one of the only web hosting services that we reviewed, that still doesn’t offer free SSL certificates. If you do want to get an SSL certificate, you’re going to have to pay for it, they only give you access to the crazy expensive ones. Basically, this is a common theme with GoDaddy, everything is going to be extra here. backups are not available as part of GoDaddy hosting plans, a lot of security features aren’t available. If you want to use their website builder, you will have to purchase a completely separate builder plan. And then if you do that, you can’t use WordPress, there are no core staging sites, no CDN integrations, no caching tools of any kind. And if you do get confused or mixed up in any way, there is no tech support. Now with all… run out of the 5k characters limit, sorry guys.


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