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[music] here [music] [applause] hello everyone friends my name is david and you are on this channel our style the last few days I rode a scooter on quite interesting a scooter with a very interesting backlight it glows like a Christmas tree is especially night time really causes such a wow cool effect even the pens light up when we put our hands on the pen the LED lights up here Of course, if the flashlight is in motion l8 f model is quite capacious the folding model also has wheels and you don’t need it anymore to carry if for example you went somewhere or the situation is different you can just roll and in the manner of how we roll for example in its ports your luggage is very convenient weight its by the way eleven and a half kilograms this scooter I liked in it has its pros and cons and now I’ll talk about everything in detail a very important question from many was it completely correct whether electric scooters ride without the help of an electric motor yes of course we we can push our legs as if we were riding an ordinary scooter heavier on absolutely any but it can be done as for this scooter, what I liked here very competently the footboard is made very competently made it’s rough and it’s literally almost emery does not slip even if we ride in rainy weather for example completely sustainability is just crazy it's certainly good of course there is mud flaps I rode in the rain of course water doesn’t fly at us the card itself is formed by simply bending the handle a little bit forward and then back by pressing the lever nothing more to fix the unnecessary scooter you can either carry it in your hands as I said, but not for everyone it will be convenient to take for example a transport to put it somewhere or if we just go then it you can literally just like that and roll on these wheels it’s certainly convenient interestingly well done, of course, in females, that is, the display on the display is displayed current speed status bluetooth connection and of course battery power Of course there is a special application in Russian that even allows block the scooter for example if we block it will be practically not ride a spacer with on constantly brake brakes here recuperation used now I’ll tell you more about them speed well stated actually up to 30 kilometers an hour but very much dependent from the weight of the dimensions of the rider I’m big tall heavy I couldn’t accelerate on a flat surface up to twenty-five kilometers approximately lighter people, I think, up to 30, they can easily reach 350 watt engine power even me weighing a little more than a hundred kilograms, he pulls but pulls of course already with difficulty but still I stop by it of course you know well again big power probably such things and do not really need to especially teach, especially considering that this the brake scooters in it are not very effective and now we’ll talk about them as for the brakes and wheels of the wheels here is an 8-inch hangout front wheel it is tubeless, that is, it can’t be pumped into it. and actually a little good front shock absorber saves without it would collect all sorts of bumps on the road and so some big before with an inflatable the ring does not feel both wheels 8-inch but the rear wheel it is already smaller and it's inflatable I recommend of course pump it up more especially if you are heavy with regard to brakes, then everything is wrong smoothly not as good as we would like that is, if the front brake is recovery while recovery only works when we press the knob brakes and slows down the rear brake the old fashioned way as we used to on scooters foot if you are heavy again if you are easier you probably braking distance will be less if you are heavy big then braking distance big enough just stop abruptly if you see some kind the obstacle will turn out with great difficulty, you just need to press and with your whole body just turn on both brakes, that is, it's not the most powerful of course the side of this brake model otherwise is still very comfortable did not immediately show the steering wheel of course it turns out it is certainly convenient if you put it somewhere in the trunk cars or just driving pens will not interfere this plus is very interesting the headlight turns on when the scooter is stationary starting pushing the handle all the way front hand brake we turn the headlight on and off, I did not understand at first I had to the hall for instructions and the scooter turns off by pressing the gas lever and the lever with the brake, it temporarily turns on it turns on very simply we just need to ride it a little bit and it all the troubles of genius are turned on to simplicity so there is nothing more to say what else of course illumination classroom illumination really tell you more looks like a christmas tree but in the dark it's effective it's not just for fun you are visible on the road and the chances that you will notice well from afar are much greater then that illumination on a scooter is everywhere obvious when we press the brakes then the rear dimensions, respectively, they also light red in while driving they also shimmer with different colors fun interesting range declared yes old as kilometers and I think if raider riders light then in a straight line it can be so much and stretch with my weight at my direct cross-country dimensions were enough for me for almost 20 kilometers that I think is very good quite myself and even for the convenience of using pens from such a nice rubber that is completely non-slip again if it rains if slippery and so on everything is done in the mind by and large the only thing in it I would like better this only brakes because otherwise to complain about generally it’s working for nothing; it pulls me well enough range margin quite good in my personal opinion well and for the price thank you so much company to the drift that so provided this scooter this company is large enough they have their own showroom on the site you can look in real time through the camera they have a test drive that is look this is really not just a store but a big store that has been engaged in such technology for many years, besides, it’s very important really it is eco drift it is an exclusive distributor in motion supplier in that is, they not only sell Russia they sell to everyone, so they certainly carry out a guarantee and delivery the whole of Russia and the sweetest in the end you have a personal discount from me from the channel our style now we need at the moment in June In 2017, such a scooter costs 32 thousand on the site when and you can use our style code here under the video link 2000 rubles, it will cost you 29,990, which I think is pretty good for him use your health or call or when ordering a link here on youtube under this video we summarize then what do you like what doesn’t like it is definitely cool that the scooter develops in theory should fit in the trunk of almost any car, I think it’s convenient again, but relatively convenient in transport if you move because the handles develops really well well done well thought out conveniently what the stand, again, there are no such circumstances, you just won’t slip the leg is the leg by the way is not so comfortable the scooter needs to be put under a certain or turn it around because if we put it like that it will fall but it is there thanks for this, of course, well, and the quality materials themselves, that is, everything is with him okay when you drive nothing rattles of course and I feel quite comfortable on the minuses but by and large only brakes about which told in detail just like that, well, not even that sharply not, but to brake me with my weight is quite heavy for lighter riders it is of course easier to do I will say it again, that is, brakes are not the strongest side of this scooter in any case for the money in my personal opinion the offers are good so if someone decides to buy use the discount on health and by the way there will be a comparison of this scooter with a scooter and xiaomi so if you are not subscribed to channel subscribe ahead always a lot of interesting happy with respect to all david .

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